Huge Opportunity for Accountants in Australia

Huge Opportunity for Accountants in Australia

Australia has been a favorite destination for immigrants for a long time now. Its strong economy, quality of life, democratic government policies, high living standards, always attract migrants in the country. However, the Australia right now is facing a huge skill shortage in the various occupations. The recent slow economy has generated a huge demand for accounting professionals in the country. Australian Employers are finding it difficult to get the talent they need in the country, hence, hiring the quality professionals from overseas is the only option.


Australia needs Accountants

The challenges arose out of slowing economy has enhanced the demand of quality accounting professionals in the country. Accounting and finance are the integral part of any business organization and at a time when the companies are looking to for cost cutting, expense control and concrete financial management, the demand of accountants in Australia is bound to increase. The finance and industry experience is vital for the accounting professionals, hence, the right candidates must be hired under such adverse circumstances for high level of financial management.

Duties & responsibilities of Accountants

The accountants generally schedule and manage accounting activities and works regarding finance, taxation, coordination with various departments and individuals, dealing with other organizations, and compliance to the federal rules and regulations regarding accounting, finance, and taxation. Below are the key responsibilities accounts perform on a daily basis.

  • Preparing and submitting of taxation returns for employees and the company
  • Scrutinizing operational expenditure involved in various projects and activities
  • Analyze Companys income and outflow
  • Responsible for determining the precision of the content described in various financial documents i.e. statements, reports and also checking for their obedience with legal necessities
  • Dealing and coordinating with various financial entities and individuals, i.e. brokers, etc. for arranging capital and resources for the organization.
  • Providing critical comments, advice or suggestions or accounting, taxation and financial matters with regards to various projects, deals, business plans etc.
  • Preparing the various financial reports and statements for a monthly review of management, BODs, shareholders, and other legal and federal authorities
  • Preparing the policies and strategies with regard to finance and budget
  • Managing the accounting staff and operations i.e. computer-based accounting systems, ledgers, documents and accounts executives
  • Performing the audits and investigations of financial data, records and accounting software.
  • Providing key advice regarding on the crucial matters of the company i.e. sale/purchase, demerger, mergers, scam, collapse or loss, etc.

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