The Immigration & Economy have Enhanced the Employment in Germany

The Immigration & Economy have Enhanced the Employment in Germany

The immigration has made a positive impact on the employment and economy of the Germany over the years. The employment rate in Germany is at a record high since reunification, in view of the huge influx of overseas workers. A per the Federal Statistics Office data, in Germany, close to 43m out of the total population were at work previous year with a growth of 0.8%. This was 12th consistent rise on an annual basis.

Boost in Employment

The huge influx of foreign workers, especially, from European region, i.e. Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. contributed to this significant employment boost. The interesting fact here is that the people already in Germany founds the employment as well, which clearly signify the strong economy of the country.

Unemployment Rate at record low

The unemployment rate in Germany reached the record low at 6.3% in November last year. Although the latest figures of December month are still awaited. It is significant to observe that the Germany registered a record migration last year. It will be interesting to see how immigration and employment rate goes in the year 2016.

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