What to Expect When Moving to Canada after Gaining PR Status?

Moving to Canada after Gaining PR Status

Are you among those who have recently been granted PR status in Canada? Congratulations on getting your PR card! Moving to Canada as a permanent resident opens up a world of new opportunities. However, there is a lot of paperwork and planning you must do before you can call Canada your new home. 

At Visas Avenue, we understand that the entire process of moving to Canada as a permanent resident can be quite overwhelming. That's why we are here to help you with all the information and tips you need to make sure your move to Canada is stress-free. 

First and foremost, let’s have a look at the steps you need to go through when you move to Canada as a PR. After you have been granted the PR status, you need to apply for the Permanent Resident (PR) Card. The PR card will allow you to get into Canada and stay here. Once you have your PR card in hand, you can then apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN). With a SIN, you can work in Canada and access other government services and benefits. 

The Canada PR application process is not complete until you have found a place to live. Finding accommodation in Canada can be tricky, so it’s wise to get help from a professional. It’s also important to remember that before you can enter Canada as a PR, you will need to pass a medical examination. 

If you have moved to Canada through the federal Express Entry system, but don't have any job or job offer, you need to find a job! Canada has many job opportunities, so you should be able to find a job that best suits you. 

Finally, once you’re settled in Canada, you can take advantage of the many services and benefits available to PRs. This includes healthcare, education, and employment insurance. You should also keep in mind that you are still be a PR for a minimum of three years before you can apply for Canadian citizenship. 

We hope this blog post has given you an insight into what to expect when moving to Canada as a PR. Of course, if you have any other questions or need more help with the process, you can always contact Visas Avenue. We are here to make sure your move to Canada is as smooth as possible.