Good News! Visas Avenue received 89 Visa Approvals in March-April 2022

Good News! Visas Avenue received 89 Visa Approvals in March-April 2022

They say, Team work makes the dream work. Visas Avenue team time and again has proved this saying absolutely true and spot-on.

The most recent example is the March-April 2022 Visa outcomes received by VA team for its clients aka the visa applicants. In just these two months, Visas Avenue has received record 89 visa approvals for its Clients. Most of these visas are PR (Permanent Residence) visas for Canada and Australia.

Visas Avenue Success rate

Visas Avenue is specialized in Canada and Australia immigration and success rate of VA team is more than 97 percent for obtaining client PR (Permanent Residence) visa approvals for these countries.

Visas Avenue is a registered Visa Consultancy Company associated with CICC and MARA members to offer genuine and trusted visa solution and services to the immigration aspirants across India and abroad.

Here is the list of visa approvals obtained by VA team in the month of March and April.

Visas Avenue Client Visa Approvals in March- April 2022

S.No. Country Client Name Visa Approved Month
1 Canada Sridevi***** Canada Visit Visa Mar'22
2 Canada Nissim***** Canada PR Mar'22
3 Australia Gorika***** Australia PR Mar'22
4 Canada Abhishek***** Canada PR Mar'22
5 Canada Sruthi***** Canada PR Mar'22
6 Canada Omkar***** Canada PR Mar'22
7 Canada Sandeep***** Canada PR Mar'22
8 Germany Siddharth***** German Tourist Visa(PR) Mar'22
9 Canada Uditi***** Canada PR Mar'22
10 Canada Sai Govinda***** Canada PR Mar'22
11 Canada Trishna***** Canada PR Mar'22
12 Canada Nasser***** (Family of 5 members) Canada PR Mar'22
13 Canada Sumedh***** Canada PR Mar'22
14 Australia Preety***** Australia PR Mar'22
15 Canada Ankur***** Canada PR Mar'22
16 Canada Gagan***** Canada- Open Work Permit Visa Mar'22
17 Australia Prithvi***** Australia PR Mar'22
18 Canada Neha***** +3 Canada Visit Visa Mar'22
19 Canada Rafi***** + 2 Canada Visit Visa Mar'22
20 Canada Prayag***** Canada PR Mar'22
21 Canada VIJAY***** Canada PR Mar'22
22 Canada Keshav***** Canada PR Mar'22
23 Canada Ritu***** Canada PR Mar'22
24 Canada Rubina***** Canada PR Mar'22
25 Canada Namrata***** Canada PR Mar'22
26 Canada Namrata***** Canada- Open Work Permit Visa Mar'22
27 Canada Suvetha***** Canada PR Mar'22
28 Canada Loveleen***** +2 Canada- Open Work Permit Visa Mar'22
29 Canada Rajni***** Canada Visit Visa Mar'22
30 Canada Kulwant Kaur***** Canada Super Visa Mar'22
31 Canada Sonam***** Canada PR Mar'22
32 Canada Kirti***** Canada PR Mar'22
33 Canada Saket***** Canada PR Mar'22
34 Canada Shailendra***** Canada PR Mar'22
35 Canada Komalavally***** Canada Visit Visa Mar'22
36 Canada Naga Siva Rama***** Canada PR Mar'22
37 Canada Kunwar Devender***** Canada- Open Work Permit Visa Mar'22
38 Australia Komal***** Australia PR Mar'22
39 Australia Prabhat***** Australia PR Mar'22
40 Australia Manasi***** Australia PR Mar'22
41 Canada Mahima***** Canada PR Mar'22
42 Canada Shariq***** Canada PR Mar'22
43 Canada Joseph***** +1 Canada Visit Visa Mar'22
44 Canada Vinod***** Canada- Open Work Permit Visa Mar'22
45 Canada Sonica***** Canada PR Mar'22
46 Canada Debanjan***** Canada PR Mar'22
47 Canada Renu***** Canada PR Mar'22
48 Canada Gaurav***** Canada- Open Work Permit Visa Apr'22
49 Canada Humpreet***** Canada PR Apr'22
50 Canada Rama***** Canada PR Apr'22
51 Canada Neha***** Canada PR Apr'22
52 Australia Rugmini***** Australia Visitor Visa Apr'22
53 Canada Balaji***** Canada PR Apr'22
54 Canada Salil***** Canada PR Apr'22
55 Canada Amit***** Canada PR Apr'22
56 Canada Tasneem***** Canada PR Apr'22
57 Canada Galaxy***** Canada PR Apr'22
58 Canada Kamal***** Canada Spouse Depedent Visa Apr'22
59 Canada Rinsa***** Canada PR Apr'22
60 Canada Wadkar Pooja***** Canada PR Apr'22
61 Canada Mrs. Steffy***** Canada PR Apr'22
62 Canada Jithendranath*****   Apr'22
63 Canada Priyamvada***** Canada PR Apr'22
64 Canada Ashima***** Canada PR Apr'22
65 Canada Suman***** Canada Spouse Depedent Visa Apr'22
66 Canada Ardra***** Canada PR Apr'22
67 Canada Sakina***** Canada PR Apr'22
68 Canada Ananth***** Canada PR Apr'22
69 Canada Siddhant***** Canada PR Apr'22
70 Canada Rafiyan***** Canada PR Apr'22
71 Canada Satheesh***** Canada PR Apr'22
72 Canada Sagar Anil***** Canada PR Apr'22
73 Canada Shantanu***** Canada PR Apr'22
74 Canada Mohamed Umar***** Canada PR Apr'22
75 Canada Anupam***** Canada PR Apr'22
76 UK Syed Hafeezullah***** UK Visitor Visa Apr'22
77 Canada Vaigha***** Canada Visit Visa Apr'22
78 Canada Mr.Sagar***** Canada PR Apr'22
79 Australia Praphulla***** Australia Visitor Visa apr'22
80 Canada Shalaka***** Canada PR apr'22
81 Canada Yash Gore***** Canada PR apr'22
82 Australia Vimal***** Australia Visitor Visa apr'22
83 Australia Anil***** Australia Visitor Visa apr'22
84 Australia Asha***** Australia Visitor Visa apr'22
85 Australia Dagma***** Australia Visitor Visa apr'22
86 Canada Deepa N***** Canada PR apr'22
87 Canada Komal Kumar***** Bridging Visa Granted apr'22
88 Canada Nikhil Komari***** Canada PR apr'22
89 Canada Ronak Sunil***** Canada PR apr'22

Visas Avenue services Visas Avenue offer wide range of services to the applicants applying visa in Canada, Australia, USA, UK, etc. countries. Find below the list of immigration services VA team offer to the visa applicants.

  • Eligibility Assessment
  • Visa Application Filing
  • Documentation Assistance
  • International Admissions
  • Language coaching, i.e. IELTS, PTE, etc.
  • Refusal case analysis
  • Visa application follow up, etc.

If you wish to apply for PR visa, study visa, startup visa, visit visa, etc. in any of the above-mentioned countries, you may get in touch with qualified and trusted immigration expert at visas Avenue.

You may call VA immigration expert on Toll-Free-Number- 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, you can drop us an e-mail at