How to Find the Best Canada PR Consultant in India?

Best Canada PR Consultant in India

With Canadian immigration and visa process becoming challenging with every passing year, choosing the best Canada PR Consultant in India for your case has become indispensable. However, while every other agent or consultant claiming to be the best, how would you find out who is the best Visa consultant in real.

No matter how multifaceted the Canada immigration process may become, if you have got a trusted immigration consultant by your side, you don’t need to worry at all.

Pathway to choose Best Canada PR Consultant in India?

When you are in search of the best visa consultant, first step is to check whether or not it is authentic and registered. At a time when visa frauds and scams are very common, especially in cases where ill-reputed freelance agents or consultants are involved, it is wise to go for a registered Visa consultant.

How to start

Here are few key steps to follow to choose a PR consultant:

  • Check whether it is registered

The first and foremost thing is to confirm whether or not it is registered with College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). The CICC is the regulatory authority that oversees regulated immigration and citizenship consultants and international student advisors.

  • Check online Reviews & Testimonials

With the help of internet, you can research about your consultant by checking its online reviews on Google, YouTube, Facebook, JustDial, etc. platforms. Do not forget to check the client testimonials on official website as well.

It is also good idea to explore their website and published articles and blogs to know about their services, client services, operation and accomplishments, as well as the awards and recognitions received by them.

  • Make an Office visit

If possible, make visit to the nearest office or you can call/email the office for enquiry or to schedule the primary consultation.

Don’t forget to ask following questions upon your first visit to office:

  • What is strength of your company?
  • What all you services you provide to the applicants
  • Do you have separate documents handling and customer care department, etc.
  • Can you please check my eligibility for required visa
  • What is the breakup of consultancy fees you charge?
  • Do you provide any post-landing services once visa is approved
  • Test the knowledge

Before starting the process, always check the knowledge and expertise of the consultant. So your own research and based on that ask questions to the expert about the requirements, processing time, documentation and cost to apply, etc.

Carefully listen and understand the answers received, as based on these answers you can find out how much your client service manager know about the process.

  • Look out for sugar coated promises

Don’t fall for sugar coated but unrealistic promises, such as guaranteed visa or job, etc.

Issuing a visa depends on the jurisdiction of government authority, i.e. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Hence, if any consultant guarantees you the visa, etc. better to keep distance from it.

  • Tell what you expect

Tell about your expectations and whether or not the consultancy can fulfil these expectation. Based on the honest answer, you can decide whether to enrol with this consultancy or not.

Visas Avenue is one of the most trusted Immigration Advisors and Visa Consultants in India and overseas.

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What makes Visas Avenue the Best PR Consultant for Canada? 

Visas Avenue has been the best and the most trusted visa consultant in India for almost a decade. Here are a few key reasons to choose Visas Avenue as your Immigration Consultant:

  • Your application is reviewed and processed under the guidance of an CICC/MARA member
  • Visas Avenue has success rate of over 97% for obtaining the client visa approvals
  • Have won several awards and recognitions for being among the top 10 Trusted Immigration Consultants in India
  • 200 plus headcounts, including more than 100 client service managers
  • Thousands of VA clients are settled in overseas countries, i.e. Canada, Australia, etc. after successful visa applications
  • 10 Visa Consultancy offices across India and overseas, i.e. New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad Chennai, Kolkata and Philippines
  • Almost a decade of experience in the immigration industry.

Here’s how Visas Avenue helps with your Canadian PR visa application

Find below the stepwise process we follow, once a client enrol with us for overseas immigration:

  • Assessment of Eligibility: The process start with the assessment of your profile, wherein we check your eligibility for key Canada immigration programs, such as, Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), based on key factors of your profile, i.e. age, education, English proficiency and work experience, etc.
  • Select right program: Based on assessment done, we recommend the most appropriate immigration program for you, keeping all the eligibility factors in mind. If we find you eligible for Express Entry or PNP, we guide and assist you in obtaining the required Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from an approved assessing authority, i.e. WES. Our in-house IELTS trainer also provide IELTS Coaching to all our clients.
  • Calculation of points: Your case officer also confirm your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score and suggest you the ways to improve it.
  • Documentation Assistance: We help you understand and obtain all essential documents you need to create your Express Entry profile online. Moreover, our in-house writers, prepare the documents such as, reference letter, SOP, etc. for the applicants
  • Visa application filing: The Visas Avenue team also help you in visa application filing along with all essential documents.
  • Visa follow up and approval: After submission we follow up on your application to make sure you get the visa approval timely. Once you have received your PR Visa, we also help you with post-landing services.

To enrol with Visas Avenue for immigration to Canada, you may call VA Canada migration expert on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or you can drop an e-mail at

What are the benefits of Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Visa?

The Canada Permanent Resident (PR) status provide you with many benefits, i.e.

  • You can live anywhere in Canada with family permanently
  • You get most of the social benefits like a Canadian citizens such as, free health care coverage, free education for kids, etc.
  • You get protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.
  • You get the 'unemployment benefits,’ when you lose your job.
  • You can apply for Canadian citizenship after spending enough time on Canadian PR visa.

Best Immigration Programs to immigrate to Canada in 2023

With the help of these Canada immigration programs, you can move to Canada easily:

Express Entry  - Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program

If you are a skilled professional, Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category of the fastest Express Entry Immigration System is the best pathway to apply for Canadian PR visa.

To be eligible to apply through Express Entry- FSW category, you must obtain at least 67 points out of 100 based on key profile factors, i.e. age, education, language proficiency, work experience, etc.

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) claims to process the complete Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Visa applications received through Express Entry system within six months.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are the immigration programs of different Canadian provinces, which operation in coordination with the Federal Government or IRCC. Although, Express Entry remains the fastest pathway to apply for Canadian PR, however, the PNPs are always alternate pathway to apply for and obtain the Permanent Resident (PR) Visa in Canada in case:

  • You are not eligible apply through Express Entry System or
  • You wish to increase your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score in EE system

Some provincial programs require the CRS point score relatively low compare to the EE system, which makes them the most easiest programs to obtain the PR visa in Canada. Some of the most popular Canadian PNPs are as follows:

  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)
  • Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP)
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)
  • Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), etc.

Eligibility Requirements for  immigration to Canada

Find below the key requirements to apply for Canadian PR visa:

  • Obtain 67 points of 100 under FSW category based on key profile factors.
  • Must be at least graduate to earn good immigration points
  • Proficiency in English/French with minimum CLB 7 score (i.e. IELTS Band 6)
  • Minimum 3 Years of Work Experience to make a decent point score
  • Provide the Medical certificate which demonstrate your good health and fitness.
  • Provide Police Clearance Certificate with a clean background (i.e. no criminal record)

Stepwise process to Apply for Canada PR?

Here is the stepwise process to apply for Canada PR via Express Entry:

Step 1: Collect all essential documents and (i.e. Verified and translated to English)

Step 2: Acquire the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from an approved assessing authority, i.e. WES, ICAS, IQAS, etc.

Step 3: Get your IELTS Score Card 

Step 4: Check your eligibility points (i.e. 67 points) for Express Entry

Step 5: Register your profile in the Express Entry system mentioning profile details

Step 6: Wait to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR visa from IRCC

Step 7: Once ITA is received, submit your final Canada PR application 

Step 8: Get the Visa approval from immigration office and prepare for travel to Canada

If you need trusted assistance for Canada PR visa process? Visas Avenue can be your mentor and guide for immigration to Canada in a hassle free manner.

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What is Total Cost for Canada immigration?

Find below the details of key charges involved while you apply for Canada PR Visa:

Charges applied for

Amount in CAD$

Amount in INR*

Canada PR Fee for Primary Applicant



Right of PR Fee



Spouse or Partner processing fee



Dependent Child (Per child)



IELTS Test fees



* ECA from WES fees – Approx.-(including  courier charge)



Medical Test


5,500 (vary place to place)

PCC Fees


1000 (vary place to place)

Proof of funds required for Express Entry candidates applying Canada PR:

Find below the POF Required from Canada PR applicants registered in EE system:

Updated Express Entry Proof of Funds Requirement in 2023


 Number of
family members

Funds required
(in Canadian dollars)

Amount in INR*






















If more than 7 people, for each additional family member




Minimum points requirement for Canada Express Entry 2023?

  • If you apply for a Canadian PR visa through Express Entry system, you must score at least 67 points out of 100 to be eligible to apply.
  • You need to obtain these points under FSW category of EE system to confirm your initial eligibility.
  • Subsequently, you need to obtain high enough CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) Score. This score determines your chance of getting ITA in the Express Entry pool. 
  • Although, there is no minimum score defined for CRS, however, at present, a score in 470s-480s is likely to get ITA for PR Visa in 2023

Do you need a Visa Consultant to apply for Canada PR

Of course, you can apply for the Canadian PR Visa on your own as well, however, hiring a trusted Canada Immigration Consultant, certainly increase your chances of getting the visa approval. If an applicant is applying for Canada PR through a vastly experienced visa consultant, his/her chances of facing a delay or denial of visa application are relatively low compare to when s/he apply by self. Choose the best PR consultant in India because:

  • You may face difficulty in calculating your points and mentioning the accurate and relevant NOC code. 
  • You need to be very careful while filling details in your Express Entry application, as any unwanted error can lead to delay or even denial of application.
  • While applying through a consultant you remain up-to-date with the latest immigration rule and policy changes, and hence, follow the process accordingly.
  • A Canada PR application verified by the CICC member gives you a sense of protection against the fear of facing rejection.
  • Being in the industry for years, an trusted Visa consultant knows ins and outs of the process and suggest you the best option based on your profile 

Why need of a Visa Consultancy Service is increasing rapidly over the years?

The role of immigration advisor and consultants or a Visa consultancy services has become indispensable today, considering the frequently changing immigration patterns, procedures, rules and technology.

No applicant want to take a risk of facing delay or denial of a visa application. Hence, most visa applicants today are hiring a Visa Consultancy service for their visa application process as:

  • The advice from an immigration advisor often proves deciding factor when it comes to visa success.
  • A genuine and registered immigration consultancy always remains updated with latest immigration laws and policies
  • They know the right pathways and methods to prepare and present an application the most-impressive way to ensure success
  • Consultancy services these days are even providing IELTS coaching, which take care of an important aspect of immigration at one place only.
  • They suggest the most appropriate NOC code as per the applicants job profile and also guide you about the job search methods
  • An application prepared by an expert is likely to get the approval in most cases. The outstanding success rate of Visas Avenue team confirms this fact.
  • Through dedicated documents handling team, customer care and client service managers, they check/recheck even the small details to ensure its complete and ready to be accepted.
  • In short a genuine Visa Consultancy Service is perfect mentor, guide and mediator for the communication between you and the Canadian Immigration department.


Canada is one of the best countries to live, work, study and settle permanently based on its quality of life, robust economy, democratic setup, cultural diversity and peaceful setting.

In last few decades, tens of thousands of skilled professionals have successfully settled to Canada with family. Here are a few good reasons to choose a consultant to get a Canada PR Visa:           

  • Knowledge and proficiency about whole immigration process
  • Remain up to date with the changing immigration laws and policies
  • Choose the most suited immigration program, which in turn increase your chances of success
  • Train and prepare you for language tests, i.e. IELTS, PTE, etc.
  • Eliminate the roadblocks, and make the whole process easy and hassle free for you

Do you need assistance for obtaining Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) Visa?

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Visas Avenue

Visas Avenue is a prominent and trusted Visa Consultancy Company that every year helps hundreds of immigration aspirants to apply for Permanent Resident (PR) Visa, Study Visas, Business and Investment Visa, and family-sponsored visa, etc. in countries, such as, Canada, Australia, UK, USA, Germany, New Zealand, etc.

The VA team offers customized immigration services to visa applicants, i.e.

  • Pre-assessment of your Visa Application
  • Individual Session with Immigration Specialist
  • Immigration Points calculation
  • Submission of EOI Profile
  • Documentation Assistance
  • Filing the Visa Application
  • Visa Application monitoring and follow up
  • Language coaching for IELTS Exam
  • Session about post-landing activities

Additional services offered to job-seekers:

  • Resume Writing: At  Visas Avenue, professional resume writing experts prepare best resumes for you to make certain it is accepted by the immigration authorities and prospective employers.
  • Reference Letter: Dedicated team prepare the immigration reference letter highlighting the significant positive qualities embodied by you to enhance your chances approval.

Additional services For students looking for a study visa:

  • Overseas Admissions: During one to one counselling session, the student visa expert at Visas Avenue compare the top study programs, colleges, and countries to study.
  • SOP/CV Preparation: Dedicated content writer prepare the winning SOPs, Student CVs, Admission Essays, etc. to improve their chances of getting the Study Permit.
  • Assistance for Scholarships & Financial Aid: Provide trusted assistance to guide the students about best Scholarships programs, Education loans, Study abroad loans, etc.

If you are convinced about starting your immigration journey under the guidance and mentorship of Visas Avenue, get in touch with our Immigration Expert today.