Do you want A Canadian Province to nominate you for Permanent Visa?

Do you want A Canadian Province to nominate you for Permanent Visa?

Want to move to Canada, but not aware about main pathways? Well, Canada is probably the only country, which is constantly relaxing its immigration rules and procedures, despite the adverse immigration scenario across the world. Canada welcomes ImmigrantsIt has got a point based system for immigration, through which it invites the suitably skilled workers in the country. Yes, its true that it needs skilled workers, but so are the other advanced nations. However, Canada not only invites immigrants from the world over but also makes certain that their journey to Canada remains hassle free by removing all the thorns that are there in the way. Canada invites most of the skilled workers through its Federal Express Entry Immigration System and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).Well, most of you must have heard about the popular Express Entry system, but how many of you are aware as to how the provincial nomination works or how you can get a nomination from a Province or state in Canada.

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Provincial Nominee Pathway for immigration to Canada Canada is a home to total of 10 Provinces and three territories. Most of the provinces in Canada have got a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) through which they select suitable skilled workers for their labour market. How to get the nomination from a province for Canada PRThere two ways to get the provincial nomination for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR):

  • Express Entry pathway
  • Apply Directly in a PNP

Lets try to understand both these pathways of obtaining Canadian Permanent Residency. Express Entry Pathway In this method, you first need to register a profile in Federal Express Entry System and find place in Express Entry pool of candidates. Also, remember to select the option of all provinces and territories, when the system asks you for a preferred province for immigration. Express entry is also a popular pathway of obtaining Canada PR. It also provide pathway for obtaining the nomination from a Canadian PR Visa:

  • What is Express Entry system?

Express Entry is the online point-based immigration system of Canada. It is based on a CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System), which assess the profile of an applicant based on age, education, work experience, etc. criteria.

  • How it works

The PNPs have access to Express Entry pool. If your profile is found eligible a PNP can send you NOI (Notification to Interest) to apply in its Express Entry Stream. Once you receive a NOI, you need to apply in the express entry stream of that particular PNP and if you are selected you will get additional 600 points in federal express entry system. Such huge additional CRS points ensures that you get ITA (Invitation to Apply) from IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) in the subsequent draw of express entry system. Direct apply in a PNPIn this pathway, you have to directly apply in a Provincial Nominee Program and pass through its selection system. Many PNPs have other popular streams as well apart from express entry stream, i.e. Occupation in Demand category or stream. You can apply in the most relevant stream and if you are selected you will get provincial nomination to apply for Canada PR. Once you have got a nomination from a province for Canada PR, you need to apply for permanent residency directly to IRCC. The IRCC will only verify your documents and certificates with regards to medical condition and character, etc.If all goes fine you will get approval of PR visa.

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