Tips to Speed up your Canadian Student Visa Processing in 2022

Tips to Speed up your Canadian Student Visa Processing in 2022

Fulfilling your dream of studying abroad can be a stressful task! However, the benefits you get once you become an international student in Canada will instantly make you stress-free. As an international student in Canada, you get a high-quality education, affordable tuition and living costs, a globally recognized degree, diploma or certificate and an option to work while studying as a valid study permit holder. Above all, as a recent graduate, you can also qualify to apply for a Post-graduate work permit (PGWP) for up to 3 years. If you plan to pursue a long-term study program, you must apply for a Canadian student visaafter getting admission to your choice of institution and course in Canada. The Canada Student Visa processing time for study permit applications differs from country to country. Still, to keep the process smoother and faster, there are a few key points that each applicant must understand.

Steps to apply for Canadian Student Visa

  • Select a university and a course
  • Obtain letter of acceptance
  • Check the processing time
  • Apply Online or On Paper
  • Pay the processing fee
  • Gather relevant documents
  • Submit Application along with documents and fees

Steps to apply for Canadian Student Visa

What is an application processing time in Canada?

Canada Immigration- Processing Times Generally, application processing time starts the day it is received by IRCC and ends when a final decision is taken. The authorities are committed to process complete applications within the given timeframe. However, an application may be returned or delayed if incomplete. Thus, while applying for any Canadian immigration, one must consider the average application processing times and calculate how long it'll take for the IRCC to send any information regarding visa application status. But, before calculating the processing time, you should never include the time taken in submitting your expression of interest, receiving your Invitation to Apply, gathering documents, submitting applications, or emails regarding granted permits, granted visas and status cards. Canadian Study Permit- Processing Times The overall processing time for a Canadian student visa varies based upon an applicant's country of residence or origin. However, the shortest application processing time for a Canada study visais approximately 1-2 weeks. Still, if you apply from any specific country, you may expect around 16 weeks (excluding the time involved in biometrics, if required). The processing time for a Canada student visa also depends on the total number of applications received. For instance, if you are applying around the onset of an academic year in Canada, you might face delays.

How does IRCC calculate the processing times?

The processing times are measured based on how long it took to process 80% of complete applications in the past. An applicant's processing time begins from the day IRCC receives their complete application and ends when the IRCC finalizes their application. If a candidate applies through the mail- The processing time, in this case, starts when your final and complete application reaches IRCC's mailroom. If an applicant applies online or in person- The processing time starts when they submit their application. What is the difference between IRCC's Canada study visa processing times and service standards? The processing times for applications are defined by how long IRCC took to process most of the complete and final applications in the past. IRCC commits the service standards to process all the final and complete visa applications in a specific period under normal circumstances. Moreover, the service standards are not updated regularly, and not all Canadian immigration programs have service standards. If you plan to pursue a long-term study program, you must apply for a Canada study visa after getting admission to your choice of institution and course in Canada. The Canada study visa processing time differs from country to country. But to ensure smooth processing, there are a few key points that each applicant must understand. What are the factors affecting your Canada student visa processing timeFollowing are the factors that impact the overall Canada student visa processing time in India or any other country:

  • Country of Residence: A candidate's country of origin or residence is an essential aspect while estimating processing time. Most visa applications are processed based on the global immigration and visa office network, making the processing more efficient.
  • Completeness: If your Canada student visa application is incomplete, the IRCC can refuse it or request you to provide more information or additional documents, further delaying the processing.
  • Misinterpretation: Sending false documents or information to the IRCC is Canada considered a severe crime and is referred to as "misrepresentation." Cases of document fraud include either fake or altered documents, including valid passport or travel documents, birth certificate, diploma/degree credentials, police and medical certificates, trade or apprenticeship papers, etc. If a candidate submits inaccurate or fake documents or information, the IRCC will refuse the application immediately.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, there are a few factors that can also cause delay:

  • Delay in medical and security screening
  • IRCC calls you for an interview
  • You fail to respond timely to any request for submitting additional information or documents to IRCC
  • You communicate via mail instead of an online account

Key tips to avoid delays or a refusal

  • Carefully read the application guide
  • Properly fill and sign the forms
  • Provide biometrics (if asked) within 30 days
  • Include all the supporting documents
  • Pay the fee before deadline
  • Provide accurate and authentic information
  • Double-check before submission

Canadian student visa

To avoid unwanted delay in Canadian student visa processing, you must:

  • Prefer submitting an online application

The IRCC recommend students apply online as:

  • There would be no courier charges, or mail delivery timing, which means your application will reach the IRCC instantly
  • Application processing time is comparatively short
  • You can ensure that your application is complete before final submission
  • You can submit any additional documents immediately (if asked)
  • You can check your application status in your account online directly
  • Submit your application as soon as possible

It is always recommended to submit your study permit application as early as possible. To be precise, you should submit it at least 4 to 6 months before the commencement of your study program in Canadabecause it takes around three weeks to process applications received from outside of Canada.

  • Gather third party documents in advance

It would help if you underwent a medical examination as a Canada study visa applicant. This is a mandatory requirement if you plan to stay in Canada for more than six months. In addition, you must submit a valid medical examination certificate as and when required. Therefore, you must get a medical examination done well in advance and submit the certificate with your study permit application to avoid unwanted delay. Also, the IRCC expects you to provide a police clearance certificate. Therefore, you must get that as well in advance.

  • Maintain completeness and accuracy

Providing complete and accurate documents and information to the IRCC is a must. If any of the information or copy submitted by you is incomplete or misleading, your application will get rejected. Thus, always double-check the documentation checklist and other forms provided to you to ensure that you are submitting complete and accurate documents and information. Also, suppose any of your documents are in any other language except English or French. In that case, you must get certified translations of all such documents, including your transcripts, language results, medical or police certificates, etc.

  • Pay the required fees in a timely manner

You need to submit the correct amount of the fee before the deadline. If you fail to make the payment before the deadline, you may face an unwanted delay in application processing, or sometimes your application may get rejected. With this, we have concluded that by keeping in mind the points mentioned above while preparing and submitting your Canada study permit application, you can avoid unwanted delays and eventually speed up your application processing time. For assistance, contact us on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or drop an email at