Canada Relocation - A Few Key Points You Must Know

Canada Relocation - A Few Key Points You Must Know
Find out how can you relocate to Canada?Find out do I qualify for Canada?

Canada is an Ideal country to relocate from every aspect. First of all, its a perfect advanced nation with decent Economy, Modern Lifestyle, Transparent Government Policies, Economic Freedom, Civil Liberties, Quality of Life, and higher per capita income, etc. This is the reason that Thousands of people plan and relocate to Canada every year. However, if you are planning to move to Canada, its better to research about the Canadian Immigration System, Infrastructure, Government Policies, Education System and other key information needed for Canada Relocation. All mentioned factors will depend upon your purpose, plan and type of Visa you desire to apply for Canada Relocation.

Lets discuss a few key information that you would require to know before you plan Relocation to Canada:

What I Need to Do to Relocate to Canada: First of all, you would require applying for a Visa at Canadian Immigration Office located in your country. Hence, you need to be sure, as to which type of Visa you are going to apply in order to Relocate to Canada, i.e. Working Visa, Study Visa, etc. For the workers, there are various Visa Categories or programs available as per your profile, Demographics and Resume.

What Are The Eligibility Conditions: Different Immigration programs have the different eligibility conditions, i.e. you want to work, study, visit, travel or want to live permanently in Canada. You may check your eligibility at this link: You would require to answer a few questions asking your demographic details, etc., i.e. Age, Language Ability, Education, Work Experience, Family Members and so on.

What are the Visa Categories For Workers: Once, you have decided as to which Visa you are going to apply for, go through the different programs available in the country under your category, i.e.

  • Express Entry for skilled immigrants
    • Federal skilled workers (for people with skilled professional work experience)
    • Canadian Experience Class (for people with in-Canada skilled professional work experience)
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program (for people with experience in skilled manual work)
  • Provincial nominees (for people who want to go to a specific province)
  • Start-up visa (for people who have a business idea and someone to fund it)
  • Self-employed people (for people who want to be self-employed in agriculture, sports, or the arts)
  • Caregivers

What Are The Documents Required: You need to get ready all your travel documents, as well as the documents related to your employment. The Travel documents include, Valid Passport Visa, etc. Also, get your CV and other employment documents prepared as the existing CV will surely require a makeover as per the Canadian Job Market. Also, carry and keep intact all your documents, regarding technical and work experience, etc. as all of them would be handy while you are going to job hunt in the new country.

What will be the Cost of living in Canada: The cost of living in Canada will be quite different from your existing country. However, it will depend on various factors i.e. type of job you will get based on your experience, the accommodation facilities you opt for and so on. Your financial status might also change as you might earn higher in Canada, still your expenses can be higher too, as compared to your existing country. So, again, it will all be depend upon your employment and accommodation factors.

Apart from the above things, you may also coordinate with your accountant, bank authorities and lawyer, etc. as to how much saving, you can carry as well as withdraw, if you relocate to Canada. Research on all above things step wise, moreover, hiring a reputed and well experienced immigration consultant shall surely help you a great deal in terms of your knowledge and understanding of immigration procedure as well as the post landing settlement and cost of living etc.

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