Know what benefits of Canada immigration are!

Know what benefits of Canada immigration are!

About Canada and its people, circumstances and resettlement chances

Canada is yet a young country often referred to as the immigrants paradise. Its government has provided institutions and support facilities for prospective immigrants to facilitate their settlement in the country after they grab the permanent residence status.

Majority of people in Canada have one relation, friend or acquaintance or the other staying in Canada hence making the country a very sought after destination. Its people are very hospitable and its geography is amazingly beautiful. It has well paying jobs, perfect investment opportunities and its resettlement chances are very high for new immigrants.Major benefits of Canada Immigration

Major benefits of Canada Immigration

Migrating to Canada is a reality/dream come true for folks who know what the country has in stock for them. Canada has so much abundant opportunities and benefits for people to earn good money, grow in career and business, and open doors to learn new things. Canada immigration provides same benefits to immigrants as it provides for its citizens.

The following benefits avail for immigrants moving to Canada:

  1. It provides the right to work anywhere of choice and to live wherever also.
  2. It provides immigrants who have become permanent citizens the right to social benefits which includes public school education for kids at zero cost and also health care provision for the immigrant and its immediate family members.
  3. A Canadian Permanent residence holder also gets the benefit to invite or sponsor family members.
  4. The government also assists people who are unemployed or have some money challenges with financial help.
  5. An immigrant who has obtained the passport can travel to over 110 countries without a visitor visa.
  6. Canada immigrants have equal freedom,rights and status of its citizens
  7. It provides automatic citizenship once a permanent residence holder lives for about 3 years there.
  8. Its government ensures subsidized rates for home apartments for low earning residents.
  9. And since the government and economy loves growth and productivity, it ensures it helps residents via their employment agency centers so that they can get jobs.
  10. Higher education is highly subsidized.
  11. As becoming a citizen, one can study and work in USA, Europe, Australia, and Middle East plus 90 more countries without visa.
  12. And so many other benefits

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