Are you looking to Reunite with your Family members in Canada?

Are you looking to Reunite with your Family members in Canada?

If you are planning to move to Canada to reunite with your family members, this is the right time to go for the same. To move to Canada on a family or PGP visa, your family member, who is a Canadian citizen, or permanent resident, need to sponsor you for the visa. Recently, the liberal government in Canada has eased the immigration rules for the family reunification. Lets find out more about the family class immigration to Canada.

Family Class immigration in Canada

If you have a family member in Canada who is a citizen or permanent resident there, you can apply for the family class immigration to Canada provided, your Canadian family member sponsor you for the same. The sponsor has to bear the responsibility of providing you the financial support and care. Lets take a look, as to who all can move to Canada on a family class visa.

Family members covered under Family Class visa

  • Spouse of the Sponsor
  • Dependent children
  • Common Law Partner
  • Conjugal partner

Moreover, parents and grandparents can also be sponsored under the Parent and grandparent Program (PGP). The PGP program for this year has already capped for this year as sufficient applications received for this year. The program will reopen on January 03, 2017 to accept 10,000 new applications under the PGP.

What are the key requirements to apply for family class visa?

Here are the key requirements to apply for the family class visa

  • You need to have all the key travel documents
  • Must be medical fit and provide the essential certification in this reard after medical examination
  • Need to provide the police certificate of verification.
  • Need to fulfill all eligibility requirements.

A sponsored family member waiting for Permanent residency status can also work in Canada provided he/she has a work permit for the same.

Why this is the ideal time to immigrate to Canada on Family Class or PGP Visa?

Well, if you have plans to move to Canada on family class or PGP visa to reunite with your family members in Canada; this is the perfect time for various reasons.

Canadian government is determined to make the family reunification easy for the citizens and permanent residents in Canada and hence, relaxing the immigration rules in this regard. Recently, the PGP application quota has been doubled by the government to make it 10,000 from 5,000.

Moreover, government is also taking steps to reduce the family class visa processing time in the interest of immigrants. Hence, if you apply for family class or PGP Visa now, you are likely to get your visa processed in the minimum possible time with less hurdles.

How to get key support to apply for family class or PGP visa in Canada?

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