Will Express Entry CRS Drop Below 450 points this year? Find out

Will Express Entry CRS Drop Below 450 points this year? Find out

The increased CRS score requirement in the last couple of draws has made the most express entry applicants concerned about their invites. The candidates who have their CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) Score around 450 marks desperately waiting for the cut off to fall down, which is placed beyond 470 at the moment.

The qualifying marks were 472 and 475 points in the last two express entry draw opened on November 12 and October 30, 2019, respectively.

Express Entry draw Trend in Last few months

Express Entry draws started off moderately at the start of the year and hovered around 450 marks till May 2019. During this period the lowest mark the cut-off score touched was 438 points (30th January draw).

Express Entry CRS Score

However, with the start of June month it rocketed up to 470 points and since then it never came down to 450 marks again for the Federal Skilled Worker Category. It reduced once to 357 points once, but that draw was for the Federal Skilled Trades category and not regular FSW category of Express Entry system.

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What are the chances of the CRS score dropping down to 450 marks or below?

This year, we now have three draws left, considering the fortnightly draw pattern being followed by IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada). Now keeping in mind the trend of the maximum number of invitations per draw, i.e. 3,900 in next three draws (3,900 x 3) IRCC will invite nearly 11,700 candidates to apply for Canada PR.

Now, lets take a look at the Express Entry pool. As per the express entry pool status on November 8, 2019, the pool has a total of 14,937 candidates with a CRS score ranging from 451 to 1200. Even if we subtract the number of candidates invited in the last EE draw, there will be still over 11,000 candidates remaining in the pool with CRS score more than 451 points. It clearly indicates that in the next three draws of this year, the CRS Point score is unlikely to come down below 450 marks.

What are the options to get Canada PR with a low CRS Score?

If you want to get Canada PR visa invitation from IRCC with a low CRS score, the best option is to apply in the most appropriate provincial nominee program, obtain the provincial nomination and increase your point score by 600 CRS points based on the same.

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