Canada has been ranked as the best country in the World for Quality of life 2nd Year in a Row

Canada has been ranked as the best country in the World for Quality of life 2nd Year in a Row

Canada has been ranked as the no.1 country in the world 2019 based on quality of life benchmark by US News and World Report. Its 2nd year in a row Canada has got the top ranking for quality of life criteria. In any country, quality of life standards are derived from few key aspects of living, such as, job security, political stability, individual freedom and environmental quality, etc. Its not the wealth that make a country livable for the residents, but the quality of life people live there, makes a country great for human living. Canada no.1 in the world based on Quality of lifeThe US News and World report run a survey every year in top 80 countries to determine their global ranking based on 75 different parameters of human living. This study includes the questions asked from over 20,0000 global citizen to know and evaluate their perception on different aspects of living. To decide the country ranking, equally weighted average of scores from nine country elements are taken that relate to quality of life in a country, i.e. affordable, a good job market, economically stable, family friendly, income equality, politically stable, safe, well-developed public education system and well-developed public health system. The sub ranking of Quality of Life had a 17 percent weight in the overall Best Countries ranking. Canada also ranks no.3 in the world for overall best country ranking, as per US News and World Report.

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Find below the ranking of Canada based on some key parameters:

  • Canada is the No.1 country in the world for Quality of Life
  • 2nd best country in the World for Citizenship
  • 3rd best country in the world overall parameters
  • 3rd best country for education
  • 4thbest country to raise kids
  • No.3 in the world for Women
  • No.4 in the world for comfortable retirement
  • No.9 in the world for Green Living.

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