Which is the Easiest Pathway to move to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany?

Which is the Easiest Pathway to move to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany?

In the modern era, the scope of finding new career and job opportunities is not limited within a country anymore. The aspirants of immigration often look to find pathways to move abroad in search of better career, job opportunities, high wages, quality of life and high standards of living, etc. However, when it comes to immigration to another country, there are a few countries, which can be termed as immigrant friendly in the modern era. A few of such countries are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. If you are one of the aspirants of immigration to any of these countries, let's find out

Easiest Pathway to move to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany

All of the mentioned countries are advanced nations with strong economy, developed infrastructure, low unemployment rate, better quality of life, and high human development index. Let's find out the easiest pathway to move to all these countries.


Canada is considered as the most ideal country for immigration in view of its lenient immigration policies. Express Entry Systemis considered as the fastest and most popular immigration program to immigrate to and get PR in Canada. It is a point based online system of immigration, wherein interested candidates register their profile on Express entry system and get points based on his/her age, education, language skills, etc. factors. If a candidate is selected based on his scored points, he gets ITA (invitation to apply) for PR visa in Canada.


The easiest way to get entry and PR in Australia is Skill Independent Subclass 189 visa. This is a point tested visa, which determines the eligibility of an applicant, based on the points an applicant has scored for his/her age, education, work experience, etc. factors. If you are selected based on your total immigration point score, you will get ITA to apply for subclass 189 visa.

New Zealand

Like Canada and Australia, New Zealand also has a point based immigration system. The SMC (Skilled Migrant Category) visa is the easiest pathway to immigrate to and get PR in New Zealand. To apply for SMC visa, you need to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) in the Immigration NZ site. If you are selected based on the total immigration points you have scored for your age, work experience, qualification, etc. factors, you will get the ITA to apply for the visa in one of the fortnightly draws of Immigration NZ.


Germany Job Seeker Visa is the easiest way to find entry in Germany and search the suitable job for you. You can apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa, if you have graduate or masters degree, 3 years experience in your filed of education and enough funds to support your stay in Germany. This visa allows you to stay in Germany for 6 months and search a job, once you have found the job, you can convert your job seeker visa into work permit and subsequently in PR in future. To understand the documentation in detail, you may get in touch with a reliable and genuine Immigration and Visa Consultant.

Need Assistance to apply for overseas visa?

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