Do you know which Country is best for Immigration from India?

Do you know which Country is best for Immigration from India?
If you are a skilled professional in India willing to move abroad, you must have a question in mind as to which country you must move to. The Indians traditionally have USA the as their most preferred immigration destination. Even today, thousands of individuals plan their immigration to USA every year. For More details Please Fill Free Visa Assessment Form

However, in last one decade or so, there is a shift of paradigm noticed along with the changing immigration trends and immigration policies across the world. The countries like Australia, New Zealand, etc. have emerged as the top destinations for Indian immigrants. However, there is one country that has been the favorite of Indians in the past and is still the most preferred immigration destination for the aspirants in India. The country undoubtedly is Canada.

What makes Canada the best immigration destination in the world?

The immigrants, especially, from the developing countries, likes to move to advanced countries. This is the reason that immigration rate of all developed countries is very high. The USA of course leads the tally.

Canada has all the ingredients to magnetize the immigrants. Its huge by land area with relatively low population. Its economy is one of the most powerful and stable economies in the word derived from rich industries, flourishing export, and fast growing organizations. It also needs immigrants in view of ageing population and skill shortage in the country.

However, what separates Canada from other advanced nations is its culture, tradition, tolerant society, and immigrant-friendly policies. When most of the advanced countries closing doors on immigrants, Canada is still welcoming the economic immigrants and refugees in huge numbers.

What its like to Move to Canada from India?

Indians often find Canada as the perfect destination for immigration. India is a culturally diverse country where people of every religion, race, identity, language, custom and tradition lives in peace and harmony. When an Indian moves to Canada, he/she finds somewhat similar culture, i.e. people from every community coming together and sharing the job, success, and sorrow with each other.

Moreover, there are thousands of families from India settled in Canada, which give them a homely feel when they move around and find Indians everywhere, i.e. right from a Cabinet Minister to a driver, shopkeeper, salaried employees, or a businessman.

The developed infrastructure, high-income jobs, world-class cities, plenty of social security benefits, and high living standard are the other key things that attract an Indian immigrant to Canada.

Why Indians today Prefer to move to Canada and not USA?

The USA has been traditionally the most preferred destination for immigration for the Indians. However, in last one decade, the USA has made its immigration policies stricter in view of terror threats, rising voices against immigration and outsourcing, illegal immigration, etc. Getting a green card visa in USA for an immigrant is the most intricate thing today. Even if you got a visa for USA, it wont be easy for you to get Permanent residency there. However, Canada contrastingly has the most uncomplicated, organized, transparent, and fastest immigration system in the world. You can get PR in Canada within a year and can even apply for citizenship after 3 years. Moreover, the immigrants in Canada are treated best in the world.

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