What is Canadian Express Entry Points Requirement?

What is Canadian Express Entry Points Requirement?

Canada's points-based selection system is considered one of the best immigration systems in the world. Its accuracy and transparency make it ideal for selecting skilled foreign workers under Express Entry programs. But, people often get confused among the two-point systems followed at different stages of obtaining Permanent Residence in Canada. When you apply for Canada PR as a foreign national through Express Entry's Federal Skilled Worker Program, you need to meet the minimum points requirement as per FSW 100 points grid. It is an initial point assessment grid where an applicant must score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 to qualify and enter the Express Entry pool of candidates. On the other hand, Canada has another point system, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which applies once an applicant's profile enters the pool of candidates. The IRCC awards a CRS out of 1200 to all the candidates in the pool and invites the highest-ranking candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence. Both of these points systems are crucial to Canada's PR requirement and selection process. To qualify and enter the Express Entry pool as an FSWP candidate, you must score at least 67 points or above out of 100. Upon entering the pool, you have to meet the minimum CRS score requirement out of 1200 as per the cutoff score of the upcoming Express Entry draw. FSW Points Grid The FSWP is one of the three economic immigration programs managed by the Express Entry system. Before calculating your CRS score, you must meet the minimum eligibility criteria for FSWP and score at least 67 points to qualify. These points are awarded based on six selection factors that help the IRCC evaluate your eligibility. Following are the six selection factors:

Factor Maximum Points
Education 25
Language Proficiency 28
Age 12
Work Experience 15
Arranged Employment in Canada 10
Adaptability 10
Total = 100 (Minimum passing marks: 67)

Please note that it is required when applying under FSWP. The other two programs, under Express Entry naming Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class, don't have any particular points requirement other than CRS. Canada CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) All the candidates in the pool under all three Express Entry programs are ranked against each other using CRS, and only the highest-ranking candidates receive an Invitation to Apply for Canadian PR in upcoming Express entry draws. For ranking all the candidates, the IRCC use this merit-based system called CRS and is awarded points out of 1200. Points and selection factors: Core: Maximum 600 points

  • Skills and experience factors
  • Spouse or common-law partner factors, such as their language skills and education
  • Skills transferability, including education and work experience

Additional: Maximum 600 points

  • Canadian degrees, diplomas or certificates
  • a valid job offer
  • a nomination from a province or territory
  • a brother or sister living in Canada who is a citizen or permanent resident
  • strong French language skills

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