What are the other pathways to get Canadian PR Apart from Express Entry and PNPs?

What are the other pathways to get Canadian PR Apart from Express Entry and PNPs?

Canadian Permanent Residency Visa is the most popular Visa category in the world. This is largely due to Canadas reputation of an Immigrant Friendly nation. Inspired by Canadas multicultural society, social security for residents, world-class infrastructure, job opportunities for skilled migrants, high human development index and incredible landscape beauty, etc. people from different parts of the world want to get permanent residency in Canada. To go with all the above features, Canada has a finest immigration system in the world. The well-structured immigration programs provide permanent residency to the aspirants through an easy going process. Express Entry System and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are two of the most popular pathways to get Canadian PR. A huge number of immigration applicants every year apply for Canadian PR through these two immigration programs. However, are these two the only pathways to get Canadian PR? Well, certainly not. The Canadian government has structured different immigration programs for skilled immigrants, family class immigrants, International students, and Businessmen. Lets take a look.

Alternate pathways to get Permanent Residency in Canada

Apart from Skilled Immigration, you can get permanent residency in Canada through the following ways:

  • CanadianTemporary Visa

Apply for CanadianTemporary Visa to live and work in Canada for 4 years and later get the same converted into permanent residency, after fulfilling the conditions required by the process. However, to become eligible to apply for work permit in Canada, you must acquire the LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) approved job offer from an employer in Canada.

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  • Study Permit

Canadian study permit can also be converted into the permanent residency, once you have got enough experience in Canada. The federal government has eased the process for international students to help them apply for Canadian permanent residency. The international students will also get the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points to apply for Canadian permanent residency through express entry system.

  • Family Sponsorship Programs

Sponsorship from a family member in Canada, i.e. Spouse/Children/parents, etc. can also provide you permanent residency in Canada. Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their eligible family member to Canada. The government has recently announced several steps to facilitate the family reunification in the country, including reduction of the processing time of family reunifications visas to 12 months from 2 years.

  • Business Visas

Canadian Business visa programs also offer the permanent residency to the applicants along with their families, provided, an applicant meets all the criteria defined in the program. Although, the federal business program is not accepting the immigration applications under business category, however, some provincial programs are still inviting and accept the applications under the business immigration streams of their immigration program, such as, Quebec Business Immigration Programs, i.e.

  • Entrepreneur Program
  • Investor Program
  • Self-Employed Worker Program

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