Top 5 Best Immigration Consultants in India

Top 5 Best Immigration Consultants in India

Often called a paradise of immigrants, Canada took the whole world by surprise by announcing an ambitious annual immigrant levels plan 2023-2025. As per the plan, the country is aiming to welcome 1.45 million newcomers as permanent residents in next three years across all its immigration categories.

Canada's welcoming population, stable economy and easy-to-follow immigration process makes it an ideal immigration destination for you to come and settle down permanently with your family.

However, Canadian immigration-related frauds and scams are on rise these days. Various scammers have been sending random emails, claiming to be authorized and asking for a fee ahead of time. Thus, if you have plans to apply for Canada PR visa from India or any other country, you must safeguard yourself from such fraudsters and scammers.

An ideal way to protect yourself from such frauds is to hire one of best immigration consultants in India, who can plan your Canada immigration journey. For proper assistance, you may connect with Visas Avenue, which is among top 5 best immigration consultants in India, owing to its transparent policies, 97 per cent of visa approval rates for clients, and more.

Benefits of hiring Visas Avenue - Among Top 5 Best Canada immigration Consultants in India

Our team of CICC registered immigration advisors understands the intricacies involved in the Canada PR process and can properly guide you about the essential rules, regulations and protocols. It is an excellent decision to hire a team as your immigration consultants, as we can:

  • Help you choose a suitable visa option
  • Help you prepare flawless visa application
  • Give you right guidance about possible errors and tips to avoid those
  • Help you gather supporting documents
  • Help you avoid application incompleteness and inaccuracies
  • Help you stay updated about the latest changes in the Canada immigration process and policies
  • Help you with post-landing services

Please note, Visas Avenue cannot at any point fast-track the application processing time, influence the decision or guarantee you a visa approval.

 Best Immigration Consultants in India


Always remember the below-mentioned pointers while hiring a visa consultant:

  • Check the registration: Always ensure to check the registration of the visa consultant and gather related information about them before finalizing. 
  • Always visit the office: Always approach a consultancy company having a proper physical office setup and a client servicing team. For instance, you choose an independent consultant with not office setup and put your hard-earned money at risk, as there is no credibility and authenticity. 
  • Perform background check: We advise you to do a proper background check and find out the reputation of the consultancy in the immigration industry. You may go through client testimonies and reviews posted on their websites before taking their services. 
  • Pay attention to key aspects: Before choosing a visa consultant, you must assess the competency level, success rate, and commitment of the team. An authentic visa consultant company will never hesitate in answering your questions. 
  • Never relay on a lie: Always choose a consultancy company which is determined to maintain the authenticity and accuracy throughout the process. If a person encourages you to give a false or misleading information, never consider working with them. Any act of inaccurate information submitted with your Canada PR application can land you in trouble. 
  • Go through Company's cancellation and refund policies: Check if the company has mentioned the information about the company, its return policies and the services they are offering.

Top 4 Canada immigration Pathways

1. Express Entry Program

It is one of the most popular and widely chosen pathway by skilled immigrants from India. Introduced by the Federal government of Canada in 2015, the Express entry had replaced the old first come first serve system.

Under Express Entry system, all the PR visa applications are managed and reviewed electronically and the candidates are awarded with a score based on Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Followed by this, the high scoring candidates receive their invitations to apply for Canada PR visa.

Following economic immigration programs are managed under Express Entry:

2. Provincial Nomination Programs

If a candidate intends to settle down to a particular Canadian province or territory, or their CRS scores are not high enough to qualify for Express Entry, then the applicants may apply for a Provincial Nomination by showing that their interest in all provinces and territories.

The province assesses an applicant's education, work experience, skills, and nominate those who meet provincial economic or labour market needs. If you opt for a PNP stream, then you can apply either through the Express Entry aligned PNP Stream or directly via application process.

3. Study Program

Applying for Canada student visa and pursue a study program in a Canada university or college as an international student is also an effective way towards obtaining Canada PR visa.

Once you complete your graduation in Canada, you can work on a temporary basis or can also live on a permanent basis. To work in Canada after completing graduation, you must get a work permit via which you can gain relevant Canadian work experience. This experience will eventually prove useful for you to qualify for permanent residency through Express Entry's Canadian Experience Class immigration program.

4. Family Sponsorship Program

Canada has a strong commitment to the concept of "family reunification". The country offers specific immigration routes that offers a great opportunity to its permanent residents and citizens to reunite with their family members.

Under Canada's Family Sponsorship Program, a relative of Canada's PR holder as well as citizen can move to Canada with them to live, study or work upon becoming a permanent resident. Applicants can sponsor specific relatives to come to Canada, only if:

  • They age at least 18 years or above:
  • They are Canadian citizen, Permanent resident of Canada or registered person in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act

Choose Visas Avenue- One of the Best Immigration Consultants in India

At Visas Avenue, we suggest all our clients to check for our legitimacy first with the Canadian immigration authority and ensure that we are 100% reliable to provide them Canada immigration services.

Being among top 5 best immigration consultants in India, we offer the following services:

  • Free Profile Evaluation
  • Assistance in applying for ECA
  • Assistance in documents gathering & verification
  • Support throughout different stages of Canada PR Visa application
  • IELTS Coaching
  • Reference letter drafting
  • Post-Landing Support
  • And more.

For more information, or to apply for Canada PR in 2023, you may talk to our representative on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or drop your queries at