Top 10 Powerful reasons to migrate to Australia

Top 10 Powerful reasons to migrate to Australia

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Australia Immigration is growing in rapid state as many people across continents are now making moves to work and live in Australia.

This is because of the various benefits and opportunities it affords immigrants.

The following are the basic popular reasons why migrating to Australia should be considered by you:

  1. Australias Average salary or minimum wage is around $18 while in America, minimum wage ranges by state from around $5 to $10. So a wise immigrant would prefer the former.
  2. Job opportunities in Australia also is huge as there are many industries there experiencing skill shortages, hence opportunities exist for highly skilled oversea workers to take up employment with these companies. Jobs abound for skilled tradespeople and investors and the opportunity to become part of Australia and enjoy its unmatched lifestyle is wide open to anyone who holds the required skills or business knowledge.
  3. Growth opportunities also abound for permanent residents and citizens as it is a country which helps to boost ones business and provides viable investment channels with government support. It also has a world class education system with opportunities for all age groups and levels of skills
  4. Australia economy is also blessed as its residents enjoy a high standard of living, from housing to public transport, Medicare system, education and the list is inexhaustible.
  5. Australias population is incredibly diverse, with many oversea born citizens and residents from various corners of the world hence there is no room for racism or its likes.
  6. The country is hugely prosperous with a GDP per capita estimated at US$57,000 outmatching even the bigger developed nations like UK.
  7. Australias housing is also very affordable and quality of schools, hospitals and public transport is also of the highest standard in the world.
  8. The landscape and weather condition is also very good and accommodating for all. Looking at its beautiful climate diversity, Australia has diverse scenery that attracts thousands of tourists and residents alike every year to explore its varied landscapes.
  9. Language is also not a barrier because English is the national language and is spoken at home by 90% of the population.
  10. Australia immigration opens up chances for people. With the market for jobs in Australia in good shape, you could make it big if you have identified your profession to be in demand.

There is therefore a good deal of demand for skilled professionals to make the lucky cut in Australia. When the industry calls, the government listens and responds. The first migrants to Australia have chiefly been from Europe but thoughtful decisions in the Australian migration policy have meant that the White Australia policy has long been abolished and the current policy that drives Australian immigration stresses on diversity and a multicultural society. If you are considering moving to Australia and working in Australia, this should be an encouraging factor.

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