Opportunity for Auditor, Company Secretary, or Corporate Treasurer in Australia

Opportunity for Auditor, Company Secretary, or Corporate Treasurer in Australia
There is significant opportunity for Auditors, Company Secretaries, and Corporate Treasurers in Australia. All these occupations are listed in theSkilled Occupation list 2016-17of Australia with occupation ID-2212. However, only limited applications can be accepted under this occupation id. As of now 440 positions are already occupied out of total 1413. Now, only 973 positions are left open to apply. Hence, if you have skills and experience to occupy any of these positions, you may apply for the relevant visa and book your place for Australia immigration and permanent residency.

How to move to Australia to explore right Professional opportunities

Well, you can apply for Australia immigration in 5 key steps:

Arrange essential Documents > Choose the right Visa > Apply Online > Get Invitation to Apply for Visa > Apply for Visa and move.

Lets understand the process in detail.

  1. Arrange essential Documents

Apart from your identification and travel documents, i.e. Passport, Birth/Marriage Certificates, etc. you need to key documents to apply online for the relevant Australian visa, i.e.

  • IELTS Test Result for English Proficiency (With Minimum score 6 in all four language abilities)
  • Skill Assessment Report from a recognized assessing authority, in order to certify that you posses the right skills to get employed in the occupation you are applying
  1. Choose The Right Visa

There are several Australian skilled visas that allow the foreign skilled professionals to immigrate to Australia. If you dont have any state or employer nomination, you can directly apply online for subclass 189 visa.

However, if you want to apply for Subclass 190 visa you need nomination from a state or territory first.

Similarly, the Subclass 186 visa required the sponsorship from an Australian employer.

  1. Apply online

If you are applying for the Independent or State sponsored visas, i.e. Subclass 189, Subclass 190, or Subclass 489 visa, you can apply online through SkillSelect system of Australia. Score minimum 60 points based on the age, education, language skills, etc. factors to qualify as applicant. However, if you score beyond 60-65 points, your chances of selection shall become strong.

Check your Points on Australia Immigration Point Calculator

  1. Get Invitation to Apply for Visa

If you are selected, you will get the intimation regarding the same along with the ITA (invitation to apply) for visa. You need to apply for the visa within 60 days of the receipt of the invitation.

  1. Apply for the Visa and Move

Once the invitation to apply is received, gather all essential documents along with the heath and character certifications, and submit the same along with your visa application to the nearest immigration office. Your application and documents will be verified and if everything is found correct, you will get the approval of your visa. Now, its time to pack the luggage and move.

Seek Assistance to Apply for immigration to Australia?

If you seek help and assistance in following any of the above-mentioned steps you can call up the certified immigration and visa expert for Australia on contact nos. 011-48447777 (Delhi), 040-42467777 (Hyderabad), or 080-46668222 (Bangalore).

You may also send your query or concerns to Visas Avenue email id- The Visas Avenue is the registered Visa Consultancy Service for Australia Immigration.

Disclaimer: We are not a job recruitment agent and job service provider, we do not deal in any kind of working visa this page is only available for information purpose. We are a solely an Immigration Advisory Service that advice and assist applicants on PR and Tourist Visa process.