Want to move to New Zealand? - Know about NZ Temporary Visa

Want to move to New Zealand? - Know about NZ Temporary Visa

New Zealand is one of the most peaceful, clean and safe countries in the world. These features of this incredible nation attract thousands of individuals every year to immigrate to New Zealand for exploring professional opportunities, study, business, or holidays. A huge number of skilled overseas immigrants move New Zealand to get professional opportunities and live in a peaceful environment of this country. The NZ Government also supports and welcomes the skilled immigrants and investors in the country, from all parts of the world. NZ needs skilled migrants New Zealand has an enormous number of industries, which are experiencing shortage of skilled professionals, and hence, there are extensive opportunities for overseas skilled professionals to live temporarily in the country and get settled later on if they wish to. The NZ Government encourages the skilled overseas immigrants interested in coming to New Zealand on the temporary basis. Moreover, the Careers New Zealand website has a complete list of recruitment companies and relevant vacancy websites for newcomers. The interested candidates can apply for relevant visa to move to New Zealand. Come to New Zealand on Temporary VisaIf you wish to come to New Zealand on the temporary basis, you would need to apply for NZ Temporary visa. The Temporary visa is for the individuals:

  • Who has got an offer/invitation from a NZ Employer
  • Wish to join their partner in NZ
  • Want to get the experience or want to continue their stay after completing studies here in NZ
  • Who is coming to NZ for certain event or purpose?

You may study or train with a temporary visa The temporary visa holder can:

  • Study up to 3 months per visa or
  • Study for 3 months in each year in case the visa is approved for multiple years. No student visa would be required in this case.

However, if you are on the temporary visa in NZ and you wish to study full time for more than 3 months, you would need to apply for a student visa. How can you apply for NZ temporary visa? You can apply for this particular visa through both online and offline mode Online application (suggested) This is the quickest and simplest mode for applying for temporary visa. If you have all your necessary documents ready regarding qualification and experience, it usually takes 15 minutes to submit an online application for the temporary visa. You can take the help of a reliable Immigration Documentation Consultancy Service to apply online for a temporary Visa. Apply on paper In case you are not able to apply online, you also have the option to submit the paper application in your nearest NZ Visa Office. How Visas Avenue helps you get your NZ Temporary Visa?Visas Avenue has been helping hundreds of people each year to reach their career goals and fulfil their dreams of overseas immigration. We are one of the most successful immigration documentation consultancy firms with years of experience in serving clients in differentcountries across the globe.

To discuss your eligibilitywith our team ofimmigrationspecialistsclick on free assessment. Our team of Immigration Specialists will assess your profile details and subsequently provide you inclusive documentation assistance for immigration.

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