What Makes New Zealand an Ideal Country for Business & Investment

What Makes New Zealand an Ideal Country for Business & Investment

New Zealand is one of the most ideal countries for investment and business. Its also one of the most clean, sanitized and safe countries in the world. This is the reason that people from all parts of the world prefer Immigration to New Zealand in huge numbers every year for business, work, and study. The NZ Government also encourages and supports the foreign investment and business and hence, designs the special Visa categories to facilitate the greater investment and foreign trade in the country.



New Zealand is also considered to have one of the freest economies in the world. Forbes has also ranked it the 3rd best country in the world for business and investment. The positive taxation supporting the investment and trade also attracts the foreign investors here. Below are the key aspects that make New Zealand the most favoured nation for business and investment:

Why NZ is a most preferred Country for Business and Investment?

  • NZ rank 5th as far as the Economic freedom is concerned
  • Forbes has ranked New Zealand as the thirdbest country for business
  • Money flow i.e. getting money in and out of New Zealand is easy and there are very few limitations on what you can or cant invest in here.
  • It ranks 2nd on the Corruption Perception Index
  • NZ ranks 10th on the OECDs Better Life Index
  • No minimum capital required, it takes only one day to start a business. Start-up companies enjoy the greater level of flexibility under licensing and other regulatory frameworks.
  • NZ ranks 6th in Human Development Index
  • Foreign investments are highly welcomed.
  • NZ is considered as one of the most clean, safe and secured country in the world

What are the various Business Visa Categories in NZ?

There are various Visa Categories available if you want to set up business in New Zealand. Below are a few main Business Visa Categories in NZ:

  • Investor
  1. Investor/Investor Plus categories
  2. Temporary Retirement Category
  • Entrepreneurs
  1. Long-Term Business Visa Category
  2. Entrepreneur/Entrepreneur Pluscategories

How to apply for NZ Business Visa?

Apart from the above guidelines and procedures, there are various aspects and internal things, which needs clear understanding before you actually apply for the Visa under a particular category. As an incomplete application or the application missing any procedural facts or documents, may lead to rejection and you may lose your quality time and effort due to the processing delay.

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