New Parent visa to be Introduced for Australians- Read Discussion Paper & Send Suggestions

New Parent visa to be Introduced for Australians- Read Discussion Paper & Send Suggestions

Australia is soon going to introduce the new visa for the parents of Australians. Hence, the Australians are invited to provide the key suggestions for the development of a new visa to allow their parents to Australia.

This invitation is being issued in reply to the election committee of government formed on 21st June, 2016, which pointed out that it will improve the present visa structure to facilitate the sponsored parents to come to Australia to their families for consistently five years.

What is the objective of new visa arrangements for parent?

The objective of this new visa is to provide the opportunity to the parents of Australian to visit their children or grandchildren in Australia. On the other end it also wants to ensure that their sponsors also meet the required criteria and also that their stay in Australia doesnt burden the Australian community in terms of uncalled-for cost, etc.

The introduction of this new visa is also indents to replace the existing visa arrangements for the parents. The government is looking to get the suggestions and inputs from the communities in Australia for the restructuring of this visa.

Provide the suggestion to the Government

You may read the discussion paper for the, i.e. Introducing a temporary Visa for Parents and submit the inputs and suggestions based on the same. In case you want to give suggestions for the new temporary stay parent visa or have an issue with the discussion paper, you can drop a mail to e-mail However, you must send your suggestions and inputs by midnight of October 31, 2016 (as per Australian time). The suggestion e-mails received post this date will not be considered.

What are the proposed features of new parent visa?

As per the announcement made by the Australian government on June 21, 2016, below are the key requirements of the temporary parent visa:

  • Regarding limiting the burden on health care in Australia

The stay of the parents should not burden Australias healthcare system; hence, the parents must obtain the appropriate private health insurance from Australian provider.

  • Regarding Sponsorship
  • The applicants (parents) must be sponsored by their children in Australia
  • Bond arrangement is needed as per the AoS scheme
  • Regarding Visa Application
  • Stay period of 5 years will be offered
  • Simultaneous or concurrent migration application not needed a
  • Visa holder can apply for the renewal of the visa up to 5 years at a time

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