All You Need to Know About Australian Transit Visa

All You Need to Know About Australian Transit Visa

A Transit Visa in general is a short term Visa that allows you to travel across or through an issuing country on your way to some other country. The Immigration Authorities issue this type of Visa to travel through and not for the stay in a particular country.

When do you require Transit Visa (Subclass 771)?

The Transit Visa (Subclass 771) is required, if you wish to travel through Australia to some other country. However, if you wish to stay in Australia for more than 72 hours, you will not be eligible for the Transit Visa, and hence, you would require to apply for some other type of Visa depending on your reason to stay and other related factors.

Can You Travel Through Australia without Transit Visa?

You can be permitted to travel through Australia, without applying for Transit Visa under following conditions:

  • You enter in Australia specifically by airplane
  • Have all the necessary documents required to enter the destined country
  • You have got the confirmed booking to a destined country on the same or another airplane within 8 hours of your arrival.
  • You do not require leaving the airport transit lounge except to carry on your journey.

Note: The above points are not applicable to refugees or stateless persons.

There is a list of countries available, the citizens of which have got the above facility. You may check the website of Department of Immigration & Border Protection of Australia for the categories of eligible travelers allowed to travel through Australia, without transit visa.

Moreover, in case, travelers are needed to pass through first an Immigration clearance and check-in to their onward flight, even if for managing their luggage etc., they would require a visa for entering in Australia in that case. For this purpose, a suitable Visa needs to be applied and allocated.

Keep a check on Terms & Conditions Applied to Various Australian Airports

Apart from the above, you may also be keep a check on the terms and conditions applied to stay at various Airports of Australia, i.e.

  • At the Gold Coast Airport (Old one), limited transit facilities are available.
  • The Sydney (SYD) & Cairns (CNS) airports does not permit the overnight stays. Hence, the Passengers require to transit overnight will require an appropriate Visa for Australia, in order to manage their overnight accommodation outside airport.
  • Adelaide Airport (ADL) only provides the transit facilities to the passengers arriving and departing on the same airplane. However, the transit lounge can be arranged for the transit passengers, provided airline sends a notice in advance.

Finally, keep in check all the above points to decide whether or not you need a transit visa to Australia. You may also contact the Immigration Specialist at Visas Avenue for further assistance in this regard. Keep visiting the news and blog section of Visas Avenue for latest immigration news and updates, as this particular section gets updated on regular basis in the interest of our clients and other Immigration Applicants.