Canada is Lenient on Family Reunification- Its Good time to Move to Canada on Family Sponsored Visa

Canada is Lenient on Family Reunification- Its Good time to Move to Canada on Family Sponsored Visa

Canada is known for its soft immigration policies. Canadas immigration plan for 2017 confirms this notion to a great extent as Canada is yet again ready to welcome over 300,000 immigrants next year under its various immigration programs.

Another key aspect of Canada immigration policy is its soft stand on family reunification. Lets take a look how Canada has taken step to make family reunification easy for the immigrants, as well as Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Canada is soft on Family reunification

The liberal government of Canada is really soft on family reunification. Canadas Immigration Minister John McCallum has announced through various platforms that government wants to make pathways easy for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to invite their family members to Canada. Here are the key steps government has taken to make family reunification easy:

  • Target for Family Sponsorship Programs increased

The government has increased the target for Family Sponsorship Programs to 84,000 from 80, 000 in the immigration plan 2017 with a total rise of 5 percent. This includes 64,000 for partners /spouse and children, and 20,000 for parents and grandparents. Hence, in the year 2017 more family sponsored immigrants will arrive in Canada compared to last year.

  • Amendment in the Spousal Sponsorship Rules

The provision of conditional permanent residence is likely to be removed by spring 2017. This provision makes cohabitation requirement of 2 years compulsory for certain sponsored spouses/partners, before they get full Canadian permanent residence status. This again shows the commitment of Canadian government to make Canada immigration and settlement easy for the family sponsored immigrants coming to Canada.

  • Reducing the processing time for Family Sponsorship Visas

The government has also taken some key step to reduce the processing time of family sponsorship applications. As per the latest statistics, the processing time has already reduced to 15 percent compared to last year. We may see further decrease in the overall processing time of family sponsorship visas in the coming year.

  • PGP will open January, 2017 to accept 10,000 new applications

The Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP) of Canada will open on January 3, 2017 to accept 10,000 new applications. This is one of the most popular immigration programs that allow the Canadian permanent residents and citizens to sponsor their parents and grandparents living overseas to immigrate to Canada. The annual intake limit for PGP program was 5,000 under the previous conservative government, which has now been doubled by the liberal government of Canada.

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