Applying for PR in Canada? - Know About the Marriage & Family Laws in Canada

Applying for PR in Canada? - Know About the Marriage & Family Laws in Canada

Canada is the most preferred country for raising a family for various reasons. Its not just a developed nation with fantastic infrastructure, but also a country that takes pride in its multicultural communities, ancient civilization, strong family values and perfect settings for raising a family. The family life and civilized society of Canada are being protected and prospered by the family laws in Canada. Lets know more about the family laws in Canada that bind together its cultural heritage and family values.

Laws in Canada with regard to Marriage and Family

In Canada, the marriage is given the utmost importance as its the foundation of a prosperous family life and subsequently the society. Below key laws are associated with marriage in Canada:

  • There is a law in Canada against marrying more than one person at the same time. Coming to Canada with more than one spouse is also not legal.
  • The law in Canada also disallows you to marry a person who is already married, irrespective of the fact where marriage has happened. The remarriage is only allowed if you have taken a divorce from your spouse or the spouse is no more.
  • In Canada, it is also against law, if you are forcing a person into marriage, even if you are a family member, i.e. Father, brother, etc. of the person being forced to marry.
  • If any woman is being forced to marry, she has a right to file a complaint against the same to the police or relevant authorities.

Marriage and Immigration

  • In Canada, it is considered an offence to marry a Canadian permanent resident or citizen, just to get an easy entry into Canada.
  • There are people who arrange or fix the marriage or common-law relationship, in order to get the spousal sponsorship for immigration to Canada, which is completely unethical and illegal.
  • Any permanent resident or citizen of Canada found allegedly involved in a marriage of convenience for the purpose of immigration can be charged with the illegal offence.

Laws with regard to Divorce

The rules of divorce in Canada are defined under the Divorce Act of Canada.

  • Only Canadian court can provide a civil divorce.
  • Any of the wife or husband can file a divorce.
  • However, the relevant evidence has to be provided to the court confirming that a marriage has ended and that adequate provisions have been made for the support of kids (if any).
  • The divorce taken legally in another country, usually considered legal in Canada.

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