What are the Key Factors you can work upon to increase your CRS Score for Canada Immigration

What are the Key Factors you can work upon to increase your CRS Score for Canada Immigration

Looking to move to Canada, but getting hampered by the low CRS score?

Canadas new express entry point based system, although has made things organized and faster for immigrants, however, things become intricate for you, when your point score is low. So, can your Point score or CRS score be improved? Well, as per the process, the answer is yes.

You can surely update or improve your CRS Score and subsequently, can update a new express entry profile or create a new one. But, what are the factors improving which, the CRS score will get increased? Lets find out.

Key Factors to improve your CRS Score

To work on the key factors and improve your CRS Score, you will first have to understand the Express Entry Points Calculator. The point calculator of express entry indicates the factors for which you get the immigration points.

Below are the key points scoring factors as per Canadas Immigration Point Calculator:

  • Age
  • Education Level
  • Language Proficiency
  • Work Experience
  • Spouse or Common Law Partner factor

There are few factors, in the list above, the points for which cant be increased, i.e. age. However, you can surely increase your points for other factors, i.e.

Educational level

While you are waiting for our ITA (Invitation to Apply) for PR Visa from IRCC, you can enroll in any course of study to increase your qualifications and subsequently, earn more points for your education level.

Language Proficiency

This is the most obvious factor that can help you improve your profile score. You can sit in the language test, such as IELTS at any point of time and subsequently, can increase your CRS score. The language proficiency level as CLB 10 or more you can earn up to 34 points as an individual.

Work Experience

If you are not in rush, you can wait to add an extra year to your total work experience, which can drastically increase your CRS Score at times.

Spouse or Common Law Partner factor

You can also earn up to 40 points for the credentials of your Spouse or Common Law Partner factor. Hence, if have not entered your partners credentials, or not improved it for some time, you can consider it as the useful factor in increasing your total CRS score.

Two Deciding factors

You can also look to earn massive bonus points through two of the most crucial factors in Canadas express entry point table, i.e.

  • Nomination from a territory or province
  • employment offer from a Canadian employer

If you are able to get any of the above, you will get 600 additional CRS point, which will almost seal a Canada PR for you. If you seek assistance for improving your CRS score or express entry profile, you may coordinate with a reliable Visa consultancy service for Canada.

How you can get expert advice and support to improve your profile for Canada immigration?

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