Is Permanent Residency in Canada or Australia as Good as Citizenship?

Is Permanent Residency in Canada or Australia as Good as Citizenship?

Do you want to settle abroad, but not sure which visa category would be appropriate? Well, its the question of most of the people who want to live and work in an overseas country, as they often remain confused about the right visa option for them. Its a well-known fact that you cannot get direct citizenship in other countries, particularly if you are a skilled professional. You have to first find a way or visa category to enter in your destined country and then only, you explore the pathways to get citizenship. However, countries like Canada and Australia offer you the permanent residence(PR) visa, which provide the visa holder several rights and privileges, similar to a citizen.

What does Permanent Residency (PR) mean?

Permanent residency in Canada, Australia, etc. countries, allows you to live and work in any part of that country on a permanent basis. You get most of the rights and privileges similar to a citizen except the few. In Canada and Australia, hundreds of families from countries, like India, China, Philippines, etc. are living on a permanent basis. However, they need to meet the conditions attached to their Permanent residence (PR) Card. Today, Canada and Australia are the countries, which perhaps have the easiest Permanent residency process. Also, Read- 5 Good reasons to start your Canada Immigration process with Visas Avenue

What are the advantages of permanent residency?

On getting permanentresidency in Australiaor Canada:

  • You can live, work or study in any part of the country
  • You receive social benefits similar to the citizens
  • Free or subsidized health care and education
  • You can apply for citizenship after due course of time
  • You get protection under local laws.
  • Children born in Canada or Australia get citizenship automatically

What you cannot do as a PR?

  • You cannot vote or run for political office,
  • Cant get certain jobs that need a high-level security clearance.

Also, as a permanent resident of Australia or Canada, you need to follow certain related guidelines related to travel, etc.,i.e.

  • Your period of stay outside the country,
  • Applying for Resident return visa on come back
  • Renewal of PR status, etc.

To know the complete rights and privileges received by the permanent resident compared to a citizen and process to apply for citizenship later on, you may get in touch with a trusted Immigration Consultant for Australia and Canada. A registered consultancy service uses its expertise and experience to guide you through the process from start till approval of visa.

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