Immigration to Canada in 2020 with family- Find the Latest Visa Process & Update

Immigration to Canada in 2020 with family- Find the Latest Visa Process & Update

Do you wish to immigrate to Canada, however, stuck with your decision considering the Covid-19 situation? Well, this article will answer all your questions and clear all your doubts regarding immigration to Canadathis year. Firstly, Canadas immigration system and policy is different from the other advanced nations. Hence, if you are holding your plan just to view immigration news coming from other countries, please avoid doing that.

Canada immigration in 2020

Unlike some developed nations, Canadian government has never stopped accepting new immigration applications for Canada Permanent visa. The federal government of Canada has issued about 69,000 invitation this year via its popular and point-based immigration system and nearly 22,000 people are yet to be invited this year, as per the Express Entry invitation target for this year. Hence, there should be any concern regarding whether or not Canadian government is accepting the immigrants at now.

Are There any Travel Restrictions in Canada?

The Canadian government has implemented some temporary restrictions on outside travellers in view of Covid-19, however, as already told these restrictions are temporary and the government is gradually lifting these restrictions and allowing the travellers under different categories one by one. Also read- Key Reasons to Apply for Canada PR Despite Covid-19

Will there be any Impact of these Restrictions on your PR visa?

The travel restrictions are temporary in nature, and by the time your application is processed, Canada government most probably will lift these restrictions. The Canadian PR visa process takes around 8 - 12 months and going by this, if you are applying for Canadian PR visa at now, you will most probably land in Canada next year, i.e. in 2020-21. Hence, there is no harm, but benefit in applying for Canadian PR visa at now, with less competition. The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is expecting a huge surge in number of applications in next few months and hence, if you apply at now, you may avoid delay in processing of your applications, once the volume of application increases drastically.

Get Assistance from an Expert

Considering the frequently changing guidelines for Canadian immigration and visa, it is wise to apply through an ICCRC accredited Canadian immigration consultant. You may get in touch with Visas Avenue- a leading and trusted immigration advisor and consultant for Canada in India. To start your immigration process with VA team you can simply call a Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or can email your queries to