Immigration to Canada- Its Just the Six Month Process via Express Entry

Immigration to Canada- Its Just the Six Month Process via Express Entry

If you have heard stories about Canada immigration takes too long, its time to get some reality check. Canada immigration is not a yearlong affair anymore. Before 2015, there used to be a huge rush and backlog of immigration applications with Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (then CIC). Hence, the in January, 2015, Canadian government introduced Point based immigration system, i.e. the federal Express Entry System. Express Entry Claims to Process Canada Immigration Application within 6 monthsThe Federal Express Entry system claims to process the application received for Canada immigration within the period of six months. It has been a revolutionary change in the Canadian immigration policy and procedure. Express Entry is based on a point based or merit based online system. Hence, possibilities of any discrimination or unnecessary delay have become negligible with the new Express entry system of immigration.

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The skilled workers interested in obtaining the permanent residency visa in Canada can submit their EOI (Expression of Interest) in the online express entry system. The system will review their applications based on a CRS (Comprehensive Ranking system) and the top ranking candidates as per the CRS become eligible to receive the ITA (invitation to apply) for permanent residency in Canada. The factors that can affect Six Months Application processingAlthough, the IRCC claims six months application processing time via express entry system, however, you also need to meet all the requisites to get your applications processed within the specified time, i.e.

  • Delay in producing documents

You must produce all essential documents in support of your application and as and when asked by the authorities. If any delay occurs in submitting documents to the immigration office, your application processing time may also go beyond the six months.

  • Accurate application

The visa application you submit must be accurate from all aspects. Any error or mistake in the application may force authorities to ask clarification from you and consequently, the process may get delay. The denial of the application can also occur in worst scenario.

  • Reply to Immigration Office

You must respond to the queries, questions, or demand of any additional document from the immigration office promptly. Longer, you take in replying or responding to authorities, higher time your visa application may take in processing. How to eliminate Bottlenecks in the Six month process of Canada immigrations To eliminate all the roadblocks and obtain your Canadian permanent residency visa within six month, you must take services from a genuine and registered Canadian visa and immigration Consultancy service. An Immigration consultant with its years of experience and expertise, guide you through the application process and makes your way easy for Canada immigration and PR. A Good Consultancy service for visa and immigration reduce all your pain of filing visa application accurately, visa follow up with office, documentation, etc. so that you complete all the process well within time. So, if you have not contacted any Visa Consultancy service till now rush to the trusted on for your Canadian immigration process. Disclaimer: Visas Avenue does not deal in any type of job or job assistance services. Visas Avenue is not ajob recruitment agent or job service provider. Visas Avenue does not offer consultancy on / overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements.