Are You Sponsoring Your Spouse or Children to Immigrate to Canada? Key Things You Must Remember

Are You Sponsoring Your Spouse or Children to Immigrate to Canada? Key Things You Must Remember

There are Tens of thousands of Individuals in Canada, who come to work, business, or study here, however, got attracted and settled here on a permanent basis. Many of such people sponsor their spouses, children, and other relatives for Canada Immigration every year. If you are also looking to sponsor your any such relative for immigration to Canada, we are providing a few key updates and information regarding the eligibility conditions for the same and other key aspects.


Sponsor your Spouse and Dependent Children to come to Canada

Irrespective of the fact that your spouse, dependent children or common law or conjugal partner is inside or outside Canada, you can apply to sponsor them for immigration to Canada. However, the sponsored members of your family must go through the medical, and security checks for criminal background etc. Hence, they would require getting the Police Certification in their past residing country. To be a sponsor, you must be an adult permanent resident or citizen of Australia, who is ready to take the financial support responsibility of the sponsored person.

Must take Sponsorship with Responsibility

If your sponsored person at any point of time asks for the government support, you wont be allowed to sponsor another person for immigration to Canada. Hence, do take the sponsorship with a great responsibility.

Below are the key eligibility conditions to be a sponsor in Canada for your family members.

Eligibility Conditions to be a Sponsor

  • You must be 18 years or over
  • You must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident
  • You must agree in writing to provide a financial support to your sponsored family member, if they need it
    • Spouse: In case of a spouse or partner, it is for 3 years from the date of becoming permanent resident
    • Dependent child: In case of depended child, it is for tenyears, or till the time a child turns 25, whichever earlier

Who cannot be a Sponsor?

You would consider ineligible to be a sponsor in case you:

  • Do not fulfill the terms of a sponsorship agreement earlier,
  • Failed to pay alimony or child support despite the court order
  • Get government financial help for reasons other than being disabled,
  • You have a criminal record of any sort.
  • You were also sponsored as a spouse, common-law or conjugal partner earlier and became a permanent resident of Canada less than 5years back
  • You have pending immigration loan not cleared, made delayed payments or missed any of them,
  • Are in jail
  • You have declared bankruptcy and not got over it yet.

Sponsorship of Quebec Resident

Apart from the above, other associated things may also stop you from being a sponsor. Moreover, if you are a resident of Quebec, you need CIC approval to be a sponsor and must also meet the Quebec guidelines for the same.

It is advisable to get an Assistance from a Reliable Immigration Consultant

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