Immigration- A Win- Win Concept of 21st Century

Immigration- A Win- Win Concept of 21st Century

The Immigration is a movement of a person or persons from his home country to an overseas country in order to live work or settle there on the temporary or permanent basis. The reasons or justifications had been different in different centuries. However, in the twenty-first century when the world has turned into a global village, immigration to have adopted new terms, meanings and dimensions. Although, refuge or asylum to is similar terms that indicate movement outside the home country to a new country, however, that happens in emergency situations when someone an individual or group of individuals trying to flee their home country due to home-war, insurgency or life-threatening situation, etc.

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Common types of Immigration Now coming back to Immigration, there are two types of immigration is common across the world, in this modern era of 21stcentury, i.e.

  • Immigration from an advanced country to an advanced country

When an immigrant is moving from an advanced country to the other advanced country, lets say from the USA to Australia or Australia to Germany, etc., it is usually done for the reasons, i.e. adventure, curiosity about the destination country, desire to explore the culture and lifestyle in other countries, or for better career opportunities, etc. Although, this type of immigration is not in masses, however, it certainly exists and is common too.

  • Immigration from a Developing Country to an Advanced Country

This is the most common type of immigration as millions of people every year immigrate from developing countries to well-developed or advanced countries. While the former type of immigration is mostly done for fun and adventure, on the contrary, in this type of immigration, people are forced to leave their home country due to lesser job and growth opportunities, limited resources, low wages, and inconvenient infrastructure and facilities, etc. Why Immigration is a Win-Win situation in the modern era?Well, in view of tightening immigration rules and policies in some of the advanced countries, people may argue with this statement, however, the truth is immigration actually benefit both parties, i.e. immigrants as well as the host countries. The countries, like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. are the prime examples as to how immigration not only helps individuals live a better life but also benefits the immigrant-friendly advanced nations in countrys social, economic and cultural growth and development. Benefits of immigrant- The Immigrants moving to an advanced country find high wages, better living standards, advanced infrastructure and benefits, and quality of life.

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On the other end, the host countries get the skilled and talented labour that contribute to the economy and growth of the country by the way of paying taxes, doing heavy investments, bringing in new technologies, skills and ideas, playing important roles in social as well as the political system. For instance, no one can deny the fact that immigrants from all over the world have played a key role over the years in making America what it is today. Most of Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Sportspersons, and even politicians have their roots or origin outside America. Immigrants have played similar roles in growth and development of Canada. Today, the top businesspersons, political leaders, Ministers, intellectuals, media personalities, etc. in Canada have the immigrant connection. Best Immigration Destinations in the world Despite the negative wave of immigration in a few of the advanced nations, their many countries, which are welcoming the immigrants in the country with open arms. They not only offer the job opportunity to the overseas skilled workers but also provide them perfect environment to them and their families to integrate and grow. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, etc. are few of such advanced nations. However, if you are not familiar with immigration procedure and guidelines of Canada, Australia, etc. countries, it is advised to hire a genuine and registered Immigration Consultant forPR Visaprocess assistance. Disclaimer: Visas Avenue does not deal in any type of job or job assistance services. Visas Avenue is not ajob recruitment agent or job service provider. Visas Avenue does not offer consultancy on / overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements.