Immigrate to Winnipeg- One of the Best Cities for New Immigrants in Canada

Immigrate to Winnipeg- One of the Best Cities for New Immigrants in Canada

Canada is considered as one among the best countries to get settled on a permanent basis. The credit goes to its wonderful and livable provinces, cities and territories, which attract and welcome thousands of new immigrants every year and provide the outstanding settings for settlement. Winnipeg is one of such incredible cities in Canada. Its a capital of Manitoba province in Canada, known for its immigrant friendly immigration program, i.e. MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program). Winnipeg welcomes thousands of new immigrants under this program in the city. Lets explore a few of its key features to find why its one of the most livable cities in Canada.

Social Structure

Winnipeg has the multicultural societal structure with population over half million. You will find communities here from all parts of the Europe. Thanks to MPNP, the population has increased considerably during the last one decade or so in the city of Winnipeg, with most of the immigrants from India, China, and Philippines.


Winnipeg is one of the most diverse and fastest growing economies in Canada. The in demand occupation in the last few years in the region are health care, manufacturing, Financial services, transportation, construction, agribusiness, etc. it has one of the biggest financial sector in the region. The unemployment rate in the city is well below the average unemployment rate in Canada.

Housing and Accommodation

The population growth in last one decade has enhanced the demand for new homes, especially in the southern part of the city. Although the housing and rental costs have increased over the years in view of growing demand, however, it is still affordable as compared to the many other Canadian Cities. The demand of individual type of accommodation is more in the city, however, you fill find the ample options for the family houses as well.

Healthcare Facilities

The individuals in the province of Manitoba are often covered under the health coverage. If you are a new immigrant in the city, you must apply for the Manitoba Health Card as early as possible to avail the medical facilities being provided by the provincial government. The city has quality Physicians, health care centers, and hospitals in the region. The ambulance service is also prompt as and when required dialing 911 (emergency number).


The school education is divided among the 7 School Divisions in the city. Winnipeg School Division includes over 70 schools more than five thousand staff members. The other school divisions are also significant in the region that provide quality education for students of all levels, i.e. high school, middle school, elementary schools, post secondary level, etc. The key universities in the region are University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, Canadian Mennonite University, etc.

Culture and Recreation

The residents in the city enjoy the various recreation and sports activities, i.e. skating, hockey, tennis, swimming, golf, etc. Winnipeg also has beautiful parks and pathways to Rome around the city. Moreover, the various art galleries, concert halls, Theaters, Opera, etc. define the culture of the city.

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