Why Should you immigrate to Canada from UAE?

Why Should you immigrate to Canada from UAE?

After spending so many years working in UAE, why should I move to Canada?

Well, the question is interesting indeed. This is the question most of the people living and working in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah often ask to themselves. UAE is a developed country and one among the wealthiest in the Middle East. So, why one would take a decision of migration from UAE to Canada?

To find the answer of this question, you need to compare both the countries based on various aspects.

Life in Canada Vs Life in UAE

Both Canada and UAE are highly developed with very high human development rate as well. However, there are a few aspects, which clearly indicate the difference in the life and culture in both these countries. Lets take a look on a few of these aspects.

  • Social Security Benefits: Canada is one among those advanced countries, which offers several social security benefits to their residents, i.e. free and subsidized education, healthcare, unemployment benefits, accommodation, and so on. Whereas, UAE doesnt offer any social benefits to the residents, in fact healthcare and education is quite expensive to get across UAE.
  • Culture and Society: Canada is known for its diversified culture and liberal society that welcomes and treats equally to the people of every cast, religion, community, race, and nationality. On the other end, UAE is relatively conservative society that is known for discriminating the immigrants from the citizens based on various factors.
  • Citizenship status: In Canada, you can apply for citizenship as an immigrant if you have spent appropriate time being a permanent resident in the country. Whereas you cannot apply for citizenship in UAE, irrespective of the years, time or period you have spent in the country.
  • Stability: Canadian immigration system offers you permanent residency status in the country, once you have cleared the immigration process. Whereas, in UAE your stay in the country in most cases is subject you your employment status.
  • Democratic Government: Canada is known as one of the best democracies in the world with relatively liberal policies and rules for immigrants and residents. The UAE on the other end is a federation of seven emirates ruled by Monarchs and one among them gets selected as the President. The strict legal system of UAE is considered against the human rights by several international organizations.

Hope the above comparison must have answered your question. Now, the second most popular question that comes in mind of a Canadian immigration aspirant in UAE is how to move to Canada?

How to get key support to move to Canada from UAE?

If you want to immigrate to Canada from UAE, you need to pass the point-based immigration system of Canada, i.e. Express Entry System to get Canadian PR.

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