Opportunity For Accommodation and Hospitality Managers (NEC)

Opportunity For Accommodation and Hospitality Managers (NEC)

Australia is a dream immigration destination for the talented and experienced skilled professionals, who want to work or get settled abroad. It offers tremendous job opportunities for the skilled migrants in the country. The favorable government policies, decent wages, high living standards, and excellent infrastructure and working conditions also tempt the skilled immigrants to move to Australia. As of now, there is a huge demand of Accommodation and Hospitality Managers NEC (Not Elsewhere Classified) occupation. Lets explore more about the demand and job responsibilities linked with this occupation.

Opportunity For Accommodation and Hospitality Managers NEC in Australia

Every year, Australia welcomes millions of immigrants and tourists every year, which come here with different purpose, i.e. work, business, study or leisure, etc. In order to successfully host this huge number of visitors, a huge workforce is needed in the Hospitality Sector. This is the reason that the Accommodation and Hospitality Managers in Australia are highly in demand to manage, direct and control the operation and activities of the hospitality sector. This occupation group is Not Elsewhere Classified (NEC). However, the registration or licensing may be requisite by a few of the employers.

Below are the key tasks they perform

  • Manage, organize and coordinate the hospitality and customer service operations of an establishment and its management
  • Ensure the maintenance of set standards essential for sanitation, safety and hygiene, and other associated norms
  • Responsible for handling the marketing and public relations activities and operations
  • Manage, organize, and control the accommodation, and leisure service for guests including regular room services.
  • Train and interact with the staff and to maintain the standards of services to guests
  • Responsible for handling the complaints, queries or concerns received from guests
  • Maintenance of relevant records
  • Responsible for planning budgets and sanctioning the expenditure;
  • To make certain that the requests, demand and needs of the guests are met effectively to make them feel satisfied and comfortable during their stay.

Similar Job Titles

  • Casino Duty Manager
  • Reception Centre Manager
  • Guest House Manager
  • Backpackers Manager
  • Boarding House Manager
  • Hostel Manager

A Great Opportunity of Australia Immigration for Skilled Workers

In case you also belong to the occupation of Accommodation and Hospitality Manager, its a great opportunity for you to immigrate to Australia, as your occupation is already in the CSOL (Consolidated Skilled Occupation List) of Australia. Hence, all you need to do is get in touch with a reputed Australian Immigration Consultancy and start your Visa Procedure for Immigration to Australia.

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