How Easy or Difficult it will be to move to Canada in 2018?

How Easy or Difficult it will be to move to Canada in 2018?

Its a human nature to be curious about New Year as everyone wants it to be better than the present year. The people who couldnt apply or get Canadian visa in 2017 must be desperate and determined to get the same in 2018, hoping that it will be better than 2017 in terms of scope and opportunities for the Canada immigration applicants. However, a big-time question here is how easy or difficult it is going to be for the immigration applicants to move to Canada in 2018?Lets try to find the answer to this question. Canadian Immigration PolicyMost advanced nations have made amendment in their current immigration rules and procedures for different reasons. Canada has been no exception in this regard, as it also made some key changes in its immigration programs in last few months.

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However, there is one major feature Canadian immigration policy has shown, which contradict the rest of the world. Unlike other developed nations, Canada has relaxed its immigration rules and process requirements in the interest of tens of thousands of immigrants applying for Canadian visa every year. Canada has made amendments to its several immigration rules and procedures to make it easy for the applicants to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada. Year 2017 was outstanding for the immigration applicants The year 2017 was exceptional for the applicants of Canadian PR visa via express entry and other immigration programs. The IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) reduced the qualifying marks in the express entry and relaxed several requirements to make it easy for the Canada PR candidates to obtain ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canadian Permanent Residency Visa. Year 2018 is likely to be incredible for applicantsIf you are planning to apply for Canadian permanent residency visa in 2018, its the good time for you to go for the same. Canada has recently revealed its Multiyear immigration plan 2018-2020. As per this plan, Canada is going to invite the huge number of people as Canadian permanent residents in next three years. Canadian government has set the immigration target of 310,000 for the year 2018 with the significant increase compared to last years annual immigration target. And to invite such huge number of immigrants, the IRCC will surely keep the qualifying marks low and immigration rules relaxed.

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Prepare your immigration file in advance to survive competition The competition for Canadian PR visa is immense among the applicants, hence, if you want to survive the same to secure your place, you must make advanced preparations. Prepare the documents well and submit the application accurately to avoid any possibility of delay or denial of the application and online profile. If you seek inclusive documentation process assistance from a qualified immigration and visa expert, you may call Visas Avenue immigration- the leading Visa and Immigration Documentation Consultancy Agency in India. You may call the immigration expert at Toll-Free Number- 78-18-000-777 or e-mail your queries to Disclaimer: Visas Avenue does not deal in any type of job or job assistance services. Visas Avenue is not ajob recruitment agent or job service provider. Visas Avenue does not offer consultancy on / overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements.