Fast-track Options to Apply for Canada Student Visa from India

Fast-track Options to Apply for Canada Student Visa from India

Every year Canada welcomes thousands of aspiring students to pursue post-secondary studies in Canadian designated learning institutions (DLIs) that accept international students from around the globe.

However, it is a well-known fact that Indian students represent the most significant number of international students who apply for Canada student visa and successfully obtain the same. The Canadian government recognizes the remarkable cultural, social and economic benefits that international students +bring to the country.

Thus, Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is always committed to improving client service for all eligible applicants, including students, as the authority finds efficient ways to reduce the overall processing times.

What made studying in Canada a more attractive and approachable option for residents of India is the "Student Direct Stream". Under the SDS, students living in countries like the Philippines, India, China, Vietnam, Morocco and Pakistan, etc., can choose to apply under SDS to fast-track their Canadian study permit applications.

Candidates who demonstrate enough proof of funds required language skills and educational qualifications will benefit from faster application processing. The standard processing time for Canada's Student Direct Stream is approximately 20 calendar days.

How SDS (Student Direct Stream) works?

To qualify for the SDS in Canada, an applicant must meet additional selection requirements. One of the key factors is language skills. It is much stricter than a regular Canadian study permit selection criterion.

Another core component for application acceptance via the SDS is to submit a Guaranteed Investment Certificate, i.e., GIC. In addition, it is required to showcase that an applicant has an investment account with a specific amount, i.e., CAD 10,000 or higher.

Students who do not have the additional information can apply to study in Canada via a regular study permit application process. They can apply either at a Visa Application Centre or online.

Applications that meet the standard criteria of a study permit but not the requirements for SDS can be processed as per the standard criteria of a study permit but will receive the faster processing as per the Student Direct Stream.

Here is a process to apply for a Canada student visa or permit following a smoother and quicker approach:

Apply a VAC or online

While preparing a study permit application, you may consult a registered visa advisor to ensure your application is complete and duly meets all of the selection requirements. An expert advisor can also help you address the concerns and questions (if any), offer you a follow-up service for the application, help you gather required documents as per the checklist and more.

Apply as early as possible

It is always advisable to send your study visa application early, i.e., at least 4 to 6 months before the commencement of your study program.

Get a medical examination and police clearance done

All prospective students from abroad who wish to obtain a study permit in Canada must undergo a medical exam and police clearance process. This is a mandatory requirement, and the time taken to obtain a medical certificate largely depends on the country of residence and length of stay.

Submit accurate documents

Always ensure to submit correct and accurate documents along with your application. Otherwise, it will be returned. In addition, it is always recommended to refer to the document checklist provided with your study permit application kit.

You must submit precise and certified translations in any one of the official languages of Canada, i.e., English or French, including documents like transcripts, PCC, etc.

Pay the required fees on time

IRCC always warns the candidates about keeping track of deadlines. If you fail to pay the required fees as per the deadline, you may face a delay in application processing.

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