Will CRS Score Drop for Canada Immigration in 2024? Find out Reasons to believe

Will CRS Score Drop for Canada Immigration in 2024?

Canada's immigration landscape is poised for a transformative year in 2024, as the government is anticipated to invite a significant number of candidates, with a relatively low immigration point requirement. Well, there are various reasons to believe this proclamation. First of all, this year, the Canadian government aims to welcome 485,000 new permanent residents, with 110,770 through the Express Entry system and 110,000 through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Moreover, the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score or CUT OFF is likely to remain low particularly in the category-based draws of federal Express Entry System. Notably, the Express Entry system exceeded its 2023 target, inviting a record number of candidates to apply for a Canada PR visa. This incredible achievement sets an inspiring example for the year ahead.

Express Entry Success in 2023

In 2023, Express Entry not only met but surpassed its annual target, showcasing the Canadian government's commitment to robust immigration. The record-breaking number of invitations, totalling record 110,266 candidates, reflects the growing demand for skilled professionals and the inclination of Canada to welcome diverse talents from around the world.

Category-Based Draws and the Low CRS Cut-Off

A crucial development in the Express Entry system was the introduction of Category-Based Selection Draws in May 2023. These draws aimed to prioritize candidates with specific skills or language proficiency, leading to a significant occurrence in the September 28, 2023 draw, where the lowest CRS score reached a mere 354 points.

This historic low cut-off in a category-based draw underlines the Canadian government's intent to recognize and prioritize candidates with essential skills and language abilities. As the focus shifts towards drawing in individuals with expertise in key occupations or proficiency in French, the trend shows a likelihood of future draws maintaining lower CRS score requirements.

Benefits for Aspiring Immigrants

The exciting success of Express Entry in 2023, coupled with the introduction of category-based draws, sets the stage for a encouraging year for aspiring immigrants in 2024. The record-breaking invitations in the previous year suggest a continued commitment to welcoming a diverse range of skilled individuals.

With category-based draws likely to have lower CRS cut-offs, applicants possessing expertise in high-demand occupations or advanced language proficiency are presented with a unique advantage. The targeted approach aligns with Canada's strategic goals of filling labour market gaps and endorsing linguistic diversity.

How Visas Avenue can help?

As the immigration landscape advances, applicants seeking Canadian PR in 2024 should leverage professional guidance to maximize their chances of success. Visas Avenue, with its all-encompassing experience, can offer custom-made support to navigate the complexities of the immigration process, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared to seize the opportunities presented by the anticipated drop in CRS scores and category-based draws.

The optimistic outlook for Canada immigration in 2024 is fuelled by the success of Express Entry in surpassing its 2023 targets and the introduction of category-based draws with historically low CRS cut-offs. As the government remains committed to welcoming a diverse pool of skilled individuals, now is the fitting time for aspiring immigrants to make their dreams of Canadian permanent residency a reality. For personalized assistance in navigating this exciting immigration landscape, individuals are encouraged to reach out to Visas Avenue for expert guidance and support.

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