Which is the Best Country in Europe to move to and obtain the Job Search Visa?

Which is the Best Country in Europe to move to and obtain the Job Search Visa?

Planning to immigrate to a European Country for better career growth and job opportunities?

Well, you have plenty of countries in Europe to move to, however, you must choose the one that meets all key parameters of being the best country for immigration and employment.

How to choose a country for Immigration that rank well on key parameters?

Though there are various countries that rank well on the parameter of high employment rate, easy immigration pathways, quality of life, advanced infrastructure, high human development index, cultural diversity, and high standards of living, however, choosing the mix of all is a key challenge for you as an immigration applicant.

Though, countries like Estonia, Portugal, Switzerland, etc. ranks well on few key parameters, i.e. employment opportunities and infrastructure, etc. however, when we talk about countries that rank top on most of the parameters, Germany and UK are right on top of the list.

Immigration Policies across Europe

Immigration policy of a nation is also a key factor, especially, when you are choosing a country for immigration. At now, there are very few European countries that welcome immigrants with open arms; else, most of the countries have strict immigration rules and policies. The countries like UK are really closing their doors on immigrants and Brexit was a key indication of negative immigration wave in UK at now.

Germany- A country you can consider for immigration and work visa

Germany is one of the best countries to immigrate to and find work visa at now. In Germany, the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates are highly in demand at the moment. The immigration to Germany also becomes easy with the visa categories, i.e. Job Seeker Visa. The German Job Seeker Visa allows you to immigrate to Germany and find the suitable job within 6 months as this visa expires in six months. However, once you have found a suitable job in Germany, you can always convert your job seeker visa into a work permit. Here are the key requirements to apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa:

  • You must have a Graduate or masters degree equivalent to German Degree.
  • You need to have 3 years experience in the field similar to your educational qualification.
  • Must show an evidence of funds to support your stay in Germany
  • Other basic criteria of the visa as may be required

To follow and complete the whole process, you may coordinate with a genuine and reliable Visa Consultancy Service.

How to get key support to apply for German Job Seeker Visa?

If you wish to apply for German job seeker Visa to immigrate to and find work in Germany, you may coordinate with Visas Avenue for documentation assistance. The Visas Avenue is a leading and registered Overseas Immigration Consultancy Service with the dedicated and most experienced team of visa and immigration experts.

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Disclaimer:Visas Avenue does not deal in any type of job or job assistance services. It only provides documentation assistance to the applicants to apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa. Visas Avenue is not ajob recruitment agent or job service provider.