Electrical Engineers are Required in South Australia

Electrical Engineers are Required in South Australia

Australia is the most preferred Immigration Destination for the worldwide professionals and skilled workers, who are looking to establish their career overseas. However, there a few professions, which have a great demand for skilled migrants, in Australia, i.e. Electrical Engineers. Especially, South Australia is the part of Australia, which invites and attracts most of the Electrical Engineers in this region due to the skill shortage in this industry.



Duties and Task Profile of Electrical Engineers

The Electrical Engineers generally develop, design, and oversee the manufacturing, operation, maintenance, and installation of the Electrical System. The Electrical Engineers also work on the various systems for the utilization, generation, and distribution of Electricity or Electric Power. An Electrical Engineer also works on a variety of industrialized applications that are often performing the task of communication and computing etc. They interact, communicate, and work with the other senior supervisors, Civil Engineers, Computer Scientists, Mechanical Engineers, and other such workers to in the manufacturing and engineering works.

The Demand of Profession

  • Good eye sight or vision
  • Efficient Reading and writing
  • Complete use of Hands
  • Indoor work efficiency in general
  • Should be efficient in computing designs and technical designs

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Administer construction plans and sketch the contracts
  • create designs and drawings of electrical systems using CAD
  • Organize and understand disclaimers, drawings and policies for the use of electric power apparatus
  • make a decision on the sort and arrangement of circuits, circuit-breakers, transmission lines, transformers, equipment, etc. based on calculations
  • Create or develop products, i.e. parts, equipment and machines
  • Plan and design the equipment for generators and power stations
  • Oversee maintenance and operating staff
  • Decide on the deliverance and fitting timetable for machines, cables and fittings, switches.
  • Systematize and control staff and materials in the construction of machines, appliances, electrical parts, and apparatus
  • Make certain completed works fulfill the condition and safety standards
  • Design and set up, manage the signaling devices for rail, road, and air traffic, etc.
  • Plan and design telecommunications equipment and networks
  • Follow the safety requirements.


Below are the specializations in this sector:

  • Communications engineers
  • Electrical power engineers,
  • Electrical design engineers,
  • Electrical maintenance engineers,
  • Electrical design engineers,
  • Computer Engineers

In South Australia, there is a great demand of Electrical Engineers and the Government too has made special provisions in the Immigration procedure and visa categories in order to facilitate the ample immigration of skilled migrants in South Australia. All you need to do is submit the Expression of Interest through online Software Skillselect in order to get the invitation from the employers and authorities.

How to Apply or take the first step for getting an Australian Visa?

Apart from the above guidelines and procedures, there are various aspects and internal things, which needs clear understanding before you actually apply for the Visa under a particular category. As an incomplete application or the application missing any procedural facts or documents, may lead to rejection and you may lose your quality time and effort due to the process delay.

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