Canadian Government Expressed Concern over Illegal Entry of Asylum Seekers in the country

Canadian Government Expressed Concern over Illegal Entry of Asylum Seekers in the country

Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen has expressed concerns over the influx of illegal Asylum seekers in Quebec. However, he also denied the allegations that government was not prepared for the situation. The number of illegal asylum seekers entering in Quebec, Canada from the US, has risen drastically this summer. This has happened despite the constant efforts by the immigration officials to curb the illegal entry of the migrants through the borders. Huge Influx of Illegal Immigrants Illegal crossing through the border has been a concern for the liberal government of Canada in last few months. As per the Ro Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), 7,000 illegal migrants entered in Canada in last 2-3 months.

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However, Canadian Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen has said that the government is prepared and has been making efforts to control the situation. The government is now sending a Member of Parliament to Miami as well as using the different Social Media platforms to combat the illegal propaganda and misleading information, which is being considered as the key driving force for the people (Haitian in particular) to cross the unmanned border illegally. Liberal government is making Efforts to curb the illegal immigration Recently, the ministers in the federal government have also become vocal about the issue of illegal immigration and hence, giving the several appearances as well. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also mentioned in his recent statement that those who crossed illegally in Canada have not obtained any benefit or advantage. Prime Minister also attended a task force formed on illegal immigration in Montreal couple of days back. He will also meet the local Haitian community leaders soon regarding the issue. Blame game is on as the opposition questions the GovernmentWhile the government is doing all possible attempts to control the situation, the opposition, on the other hand, has blamed the government for not being prepared to handle the situation effectively. The influx of the asylum seekers have burdened the Quebec resources a great extent, hence, the government had to build tents and arrange camping etc. at the borders. The liberal government has also opened the centers to provide temporary accommodation to the asylum seekers, i.e. Montreal Olympic Stadium. As per the reports, the Immigration and Refugee Board informed the government well in advance that it required further resources and also with regards to the backlog being faced in claims. However, the Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen assured that the situation could be handled by deploying the resources and the staff at the more sensitive locations.

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Government supports lawful entry of immigrants The government is in support of the immigrants who follow the legal pathways for immigration to Canada. In fact, the government has very high annual immigration target for last two years (i.e. approx 300,000 immigrants a year). However, no country would entertain the illegal immigration through its borders. If you wish to obtain Canada PR through the express entry or other legal immigration programs of Canada, you can email your queries and details to to receive vital advice and inclusive assistance from certified Canada migration experts to apply for Canada PR Visa.