An Introduction to Canada Immigration Procedure from India

An Introduction to Canada Immigration Procedure from India
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  How to apply for Canada Immigration?
The Canada Immigration is the term searched and applied by millions of people across the globe every year. The charm for immigration to this incredible country lies in its exceptionally lenient immigration policies and procedure, ideal settings for newcomers, diversified culture, low unemployment rate, excellent health care system, low mortality rate, good and free education in schools and remarkable standards of living. Canada has been ranking in the top ten places to live in the world and hence, it has been emerged as a gigantic destination for immigrants over the years. The Federal Skilled Workers Category is the most popular among the applicants willing to apply for Canada Immigration. Lets find out the key aspects of Canada Immigration process from India. Canada immigration process fromIndia If you are from India, the new express entry online system is much easier and faster way to apply for immigration to Canada. The system has been designed to manage the applications for Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada under the economic programs. If you are selected in the EE pool and able to achieve the Qualifying marks or CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) requirement, you will be eligible to receive an ITA (invitation to apply) for Canadian PR. The Express Entry Draws take place in systematic gaps throughout every year. The top ranking candidates are often accepted in the pool. The CRS score of every candidate is based on the points given to each applicants criteria, such as age, language skills, and adaptation to Canadas climate, education, and work experience etc. Canada Immigration Checklist You have to make the checklist and prepare the documents and things in advance that you require applying for Immigration to Canada. The checklist of required documents keeps on changing. Your visa application is likely to require extensive supporting documents, i.e. passport, travel documents, IELTS certificate, ECA Report, etc. Canada immigration documents Check the list of Canada immigration documents required, given below:
  • Create an online Express Entry Profile and submit an EOI (Expression of Interest)
  • You need a valid passport or other travel documents for the visa.
  • The proof of language proficiency in which have to produce the original language proficiency test results,
  • Relevant documents to show the principal applicants work experience,
  • Submission of original ECA report; proof of Education; along with proof of the foreign educational credentials for which you are claiming the points,
  • The settlements of funds- Under this have to give proof of readily transferable funds in a convertible currency available for settlement in Canada.
  • The police certificates and clearances with the application to the CIO,
  • Photo requirements for each member of the family,
  • Submit the fee payment form with Canadian funds; you may pay by a certified cheque, bank draft, money order or with credit cards.
Qualifying criteria for Canada Immigration Canada immigration processing time The Canada Immigration processing time varies from continent to continent based on the process requirement. Although, after the launch of express entry the expected time taken for a permanent residency visa for Canada is approx six months, however, it still depends on the time taken for the following:
  • Verification of documents,
  • LMIA approval,
  • Documents/information produced by candidates on demand by authorities
  • Medical certification of candidate
Canadaimmigration apply online You can apply online for the immigration to Canada, via Express Entry, QSWP and other immigration programs. However, to understand the technicalities and complexities of the selection criteria, ITA, and to fill the online form with thorough clarity and accuracy, you may take the services of Visas Avenue- A leading Consultancy Service for hassle-free immigration to Canada. The Visas Avenue has earned a huge reputation over the years for helping and assisting the Canadian immigration Applicants with the key immigration aspects, such as, filling up of the online form, filing the visa for the clients, following up consistently with the authorities for visa approval and above all provide vital tips and guidance for trouble-free settlement as well as integration in Canada. You may fill the free assessment form for the earliest assessment of your profile from the experts so that your process for Canada immigration can start as early as possible. You can book the appointment with the Canadian Immigration Specialist at: PH: 011-48447777 (Delhi), 080-46668222 (Bangalore).