Which Country in the World has the Best Immigrant Friendly Policy?

Which Country in the World has the Best Immigrant Friendly Policy?

country for immigrantsIf I were an immigration aspirant, I would have definitely moved to a country with best immigration policy for the immigrants.

Do you think the same way as an overseas visa aspirant? If your answer is yes, then lets find out, i.e.

Which Country has the Best Immigrant Friendly Policies?

Though the countries, i.e. USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia, etc. have got a very high immigration rate, however, when it comes to having the immigrant friendly policies, Canada certainly rank right on top of the list.

Canada is also a wonderful country to live with high human development index, low unemployment rate, world class cities, fantastic education system, incredible infrastructure, and exceptional quality of Life. Lets take a look at the implemented as well as proposed changes in the immigration policy of Canada in last one year by the new liberal government.

  • PGP visa intake doubled

PGP category of Visa allows the eligible Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their parents to Canada. Parent and Grand Parent (PGP) visa category visa intake has been doubled b the government from 5000 to 1000 applications a year.

  • Relaxation in Citizenship rules for the International students

As per the recent announcement from the Federal government, the citizenships rules will be relaxed in favor of international students studying in Canada, in order to make it easy for them to be a Canadian citizen.

  • Speed up the processing of Spousal Visa applications

Government has announced that they are in process to speed up the application processing time for the spousal visa applications. It is 2 years as of now, which as per the government is too high.

  • Immigrant Serving Organizations

Canada has established several immigrants serving organizations across various provinces and territories of Canada, in order to help the new immigrants settle in Canada. These organizations help the new Canadians in terms of searching jobs and accommodation, understanding government benefits and services, as well as integrating in the society and country as a whole.

  • Protection under Canadian Law

All the immigrants in the country are protected under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and Citizenship Act of 1977. Canada is a culturally diverse, secular, and tolerant country and hence, no discrimination with any citizen or immigrant ever takes place in Canada.

Apart from this, immigrants in Canada receive multiple social security benefits and services similar to the citizens of Canada. Hence, looking at all the above aspects, we can say that Canada has certainly got the best immigrant friendly policies in the world at the moment.

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