Real Facts about the New Express Entry Programme!

Real Facts about the New Express Entry Programme!
Canada has come up with full preparation to attract people from across the globe! Express Entry Canada 2015 has come up with a new phase of active immigration recruitment system and it has been on its final stage of launch, it has promised to help in selecting the skilled immigrants based on their skills and experience. With subject to the Canada express entry 2015 eligibility, the Canada express entry points calculator leads a important factor for thepotential candidates, they can create their profile at the same day and Invitation to Apply will be issued within a couple of weeks. Its working is fast and its expected to reach the fluency like the Visa procedures of other major countries. Regarding express entry Canada requirements the candidates skills and experience, will help select the right one. The immigrants having valid job offers or provincial/territorial nominations will be chosen first. According to the recent research's these criteria's will surely help ensure the newcomers and their participation completely in Canada's economy and integrate more speedily into the Canadian society. As Canada is one of the most multicultural countries in the world with a friendly environment and welcoming attitude, it gave free world class education, best healthcare support and with the launch of the express entry the Canada immigration will surely give wings to the candidates looking forward for job opportunities. The Employment Minister Jason Kenney announced, "Give all employers, including employers of lower skilled occupations an access to the new express entry system for permanent immigration." Several Canadian employer federations like, Retail, Tourism and Independent Business accepted that it would be one way to address the labor shortages in rural or remote parts of the country where the employers are not able to find local Canadian workers. With these express entry 2015 details certain things are learned till date: The employers will also apply for a labor market impact assessment, to prove that they have made all the efforts to hire a Canadian worker for the job, and now they are offering this job to a temporary foreign worker a permanent job, and they can apply for the permanent residency through express entry.
  • The new Canada express entry points system will give a positive outlook to individuals of younger age group rather than for the older ones. The comprehensive ranking system will give applicants up to a maximum of 1,200 points. Basically, 600 points are given based on their human capital, on their work experience, education, language skills, their age, with a heavy weight in favor of younger immigrants. As in under Canada express entry points system those aged 20 to 29 will receive 110 points in this category, while those 17 and under, or 45 and over will obtain zero points.
  • Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has said individuals with a job offer or a provincial nomination will be "picked first" and the first "invitations to apply" for permanent residency to Canada will be sent out by the last week of January.
  • The system is highly transparent, once a skilled immigrant has received an offer to apply for permanent residency for Canada express entry 2015, he or she would have 60 days to accept or decline the offer.
  • If the applicant doesn't receive an offer of permanent residency after 12 months, he or she will have to start the process again.
  • The applications received before 1st Jan under the old system will still be processed on and after 1st Jan. The applications will be attended on a parallel track.
  • The ministers and officials have accepted the launch of express entry 2015 to be "very aggressive the government don't want any mistakes and backlogs to occur with the express entry Canada 2015.
Beginning from 1st of January, the Canadian Government will fast track permanent residency for skilled immigrants who will be matched with jobs that can't be filled by Canadian workers. This system is flexible, responsive to the needs of employers.

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