When is the best time for immigration to Canada or Australia?

When is the best time for immigration to Canada or Australia?

Immigration to another country has become quite common in the modern era. The people in search of better lifestyle, facilities, career, living standards, infrastructure, etc. migrate to another country and in most cases get settled their permanently.

But is it so easy to move to a new country and get settled?

Lets find out.

How easy or difficult immigration is in the modern era?

Well, its certainly not cake walk to decide, move and get settled in a new country, especially, in an advanced country. In last few years, most of the developed countries, including countries from Europe and America, have employed strict immigration rules to limit the entry of immigrants. Though, Canada and Australia are one among the few countries which are still welcoming significant number of immigrants annually.

Immigration to Australia and Canada

As Canada along with Australia are the most desired immigration destinations today in the world, most of the immigrants look to find ways for immigration to these countries. However, both the countries have a set point based immigration system allocate the points to applicants based on their age, education, work experience, language skills, and other such factors. But the key question every immigration aspirant often ask is when do I have strongest chance of obtaining a visa for Canada or Australia or

When is the best time for immigration to Canada or Australia?

Well, it in fact depends on the category of visa you are applying to. For instance, if you are applying for the student visa then the best age group is 18-24. Similarly, if you are applying for the parent or grandparent category visa, you often apply in old age group.

What is the right time to apply for Skilled Visa in Canada or Australia?

Most of the immigrants to Canada and Australia often apply for the Skilled Visas. Hence, for the skilled migrants, the ideal time to apply for visa is between 25-32 years of age. This is the age group when you get maximum points for your submitted profile or application.

However, the age group alone doesnt get you visa, the other key factors also matter, i.e. work experience, qualification, language skills, etc. There are various examples when applicants between age group 32-40 got the visa for Australia and Canada best on their excellent profile or total point score. Hence, to have the best chance of securing visa in Canada or Australia, your ideal age group should also be supported by excellent work experience, language skills, and qualification. You may check the Australia Immigration Point Calculator or FSW immigration point calculator for Canada to get the precise idea as to how many points you need to score for each profile factor.

Need assistance for Australia or Canada immigration?

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