Australia Vs Canada which country is better for Immigration

Australia Vs Canada which country is better for Immigration
Well, when it comes to choosing between Canada & Australia, it is always going to be a tough choice given the kind of facilities, infrastructure, employment opportunities, world-class cities, organized immigration system and structure, democratic policies, quality of life, and ideal settings for new immigrants both these countries provide. This is also quite possible that based on the individual priorities and conditions one individual or family prefer Canada while the other opt for Australia. So, its better for me to tell you the advantages and limitations of both the countries and leave the rest for you to decide.

" Now, lets first get to know the benefits both the countries offer to immigrants, and then we will compare the both on the living parameters."

Why must you choose Canada for Immigration?

Canada- the land of maple leave is also called the land of immigrants or the immigrants paradise. These terms can give you an idea as to how popular Canada is among the immigrants. If you looking for a country for immigration, here are the reasons, why you must consider Canada on top: Watch key path to migrate Canada

  • Lenient and flexible immigration policies: Canadas immigration policy is exceptionally lenient and flexible towards the immigrants and refugees. This is why people from all parts of the world are settled in Canada. As the matter of fact, Canada has plans to welcome over 3,00000 immigrants this year only.
  • Immigrant Serving Organizations: Canada has got immigrants serving organizations in its various provinces and territories that help the new immigrants in job finding, accommodation search, settlement procedure, government services, etc.
  • Organized point based immigration system: Canada has point based and well-organized immigration system to choose and invite candidates to come to and settle in Canada. The visa processing time is also faster than many other countries.
  • Low accommodation cost: The low cost of housing and accommodation attract several immigrants from Asia and other countries to Canada.
  • Ideal settings to raise the family: Canada is known as the perfect country to raise the family in view of its free education and healthcare system, affordable housing, safe, secure environment, multicultural and tolerant communities and so on.
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Why to choose Australia for Immigration?

The Australia is one among the few countries, which are not only known for their advanced economy and rich infrastructure, but also for being the key attraction for worldwide immigrants. Its multicultural society is evidence to this statement. Let, explore the key benefits it offers to the worldwide immigrants coming here.

  • Access to NZ: The advantage of getting Australian PR is that you get the easy access to New Zealand as well, so you can further explore opportunities for yourself.
  • Public Education and Healthcare Services: Australia offers the public education and health care services usually free or at minimal cost, which goes to the benefits of immigrants and residents here.
  • Organized Immigration System: It has got point based and most organized immigration system with dedicated visa sub classes for the skilled visa, family visa, partner visa, parent visa categories, etc.
  • Advanced Economy, high-income jobs: Australia has one of the strongest economies in the world and hence, it offers high-income jobs to the immigrants coming here, especially, in IT, Engineering, Healthcare, Construction, etc. sectors.
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Which country to choose for immigration between Canada & Australia?

Well, when it comes to immigrating to a new country, you have to take decision-based on certain parameters, i.e.

  • Cost of Living: The Cost of living in Australia is usually high as compared to Canada, however, it provides high paid jobs as well, so if you are looking in those terms you have the decision to make.
  • Immigration Process: Both Canada and Australia have got the point based immigration process, however, Canada comparatively has lest strict immigration rules as compared to Australia. But, Australias skill assessment is valid throughout the country while Canada usually seeks the educational credential assessment which, may or may not be valid in other provinces.
  • Rights and Privileges: In Canada, after becoming a permanent resident you usually are eligible to receive rights, privileges, and social security benefits more like a citizen, whereas in Australia you have to wait for the same until 2 years.
  • Accommodation cost: The housing and accommodation cost in Australia is higher usually than Canada, however, it can be managed if you have got a high-income job.
  • Multicultural communities: Both Canada and Australia have multicultural communities and residents from Asia and other countries. However, Canada is considered more tolerant towards new immigrants and cultures as compared to Australia.
  • Livable Aspects: Both Australia and Canada are wonderful and livable countries with unique identities and specialities. Canada is considered the safe haven for families, on the other end the fast and energetic lifestyle of Australia suits the individuals with high ambitions, competitive approach, and higher career goals.
  • Geographical Aspects: As discussed above, Australia provides easy access to New Zealand as well, so its an advantage for Immigrants. On the other end, Canada enjoys its proximity to the USA- the other most preferred advanced nation with tremendous opportunities.
  • Education and Healthcare System: There is nothing much to choose between Australia and Canada when it comes to providing quality and free education and healthcare to the residents and immigrants. The public education and health care is active in both the countries to provide the people usually free or affordable education and medical facilities.

Finally, How to take a decision?

As already mentioned, the parameters of living in a new country can be different for the two different individuals or families. So, it entirely depends on your profile, education, job opportunities you are looking for, budget, geographic location, and many more such things.

Hence, it is always better to consult with a certified and specialist immigration consultant, if you are confused about your selection. The immigration consultant probes about your needs, requirements, and preferences and being an expert, provides you the best guidance.

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