Applying for a Student Visa in Australia- Know About Streamlined student visa processing

Applying for a Student Visa in Australia- Know About Streamlined student visa processing
The Streamlined visa processing is designed for international students applying to study in Australia at a participating education provider. The eligible students from the participating education provider, under this program are not assigned an assessment level. Apart from this if you are eligible for the Streamlined Visa Processing, you will be having reduced evidentiary requirements, like the applicants that apply under Assessment Level 1, irrespective of your origin or the country. Eligibility Conditions for Streamlined Student Visa Processing You would require to fulfill all of the below requirements to be eligible for streamlined visa processing:
  • You must have a CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) with an education provider who is participating in the Streamlined Visa processing program for:
    • Advanced diploma
    • Bachelor degree
    • Masters degree
    • Doctoral degree
    • Non-award university student exchange program
    • Non-award study abroad program.
  • All your preliminary courses must be at an education provider participating in the streamlined visa processing arrangements or his educational business partner, if you enroll in a package of course.
Who all are not Eligible? You are not eligible for Streamlined visa processing, in case you are sponsored by any of the following:
  • Australian Department of ForeignAffairs and Tradeor
  • The Australian Department of Defense on a Foreign Affairs or
  • Defense Sector visa (subclass 576)
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