Annual Review of Canada Immigration for the Year 2016

Annual Review of Canada Immigration for the Year 2016
  The year 2016 has been phenomenal for the Canada Immigration aspirants in terms of positive changes. The Year 2017 is also expected to be encouraging, when it comes to constructive changes and number of ITAs to be issued to thousands of Canada immigration applicants. The year 2016 has been exceptionally positive for a huge number of individuals and families, who immigrated to Canada this year. A few vital changes have been implemented in the whole immigration policy and procedure of under the liberal government of Canada. The federal government of Canada has worked perfectly in coordination with the Provincial governments to enhance number of immigrants coming to Canada and reducing the processing time to a great extent.

Immigration to Canada improved significantly in 2016

The significant changes and work has been done to improve the immigration to Canada, via three major categories, i.e. skilled or economic immigration, refugee and humanitarian immigration, and family reunification, etc. It has given a change to a huge number of individuals and families to move to Canada and begin a new life while contributing to the growth and success of the maple leaf country. In last one year, the liberal government of Canada has removed and amended some strict immigration rules employed by the earlier conservative government to facilitate a vast number of individuals and families to come to Canada. Month Wise Annual immigration review for 2016 Here is the month-wise review of Canadian immigration in 2016: January Despite being new in the center, the liberal government of Canada took some crucial decisions with regards to easing the immigration in Canada. The government first worked towards fulfilling its commitment to help integrate ten thousands refugees from Syria in Canada. Doubling the PGP application intake from 5,000 to 10,000 was also a key step taken by the government. Moreover, the numbers of ITAs issued vide express entry draws and PNPs was staggering in this month. February The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) performed significantly in the month of February. This was the time when BCPNP introduced SIRS and Express entry qualifying marks were reduced to lowest (453 points) by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). March The federal government set the immigration target of 305,000 new immigrants under its 2016 Immigration Levels Plan, which was a record in Canadian history. The commitments were also made to reduce processing time, as well as conditional permanent residence provision, essential for certain sponsored spouses and common-law partners. Making PR pathway easier for international students was also promised in this his month. April Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia remained the most well-liked destination provinces. However, in terms of per capita rate, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island (PEI) were also largely popular. Moreover, Quebec announced reopening dates for each of its business immigration categories, i.e. Quebec Investor Program, along with entrepreneur and self-employed categories. May Ontario made an announcement that it is making a temporary stay on applications under some OINP streams, including Human Capital Priorities, due to the allocation having been reached. Also BC PNP allocation increased in the month and, Saskatchewan welcomed more newcomers through its International Skilled Worker categories. Need of making key a change in Citizenship Act was also discussed. June Quebec Skilled Worker Program opened on June 13; however, the intake cap was reached within few hours only. It was only for individuals who had already created a Mon Projet Qubec account earlier while the creation of new accounts was opened up later in the month. Manitoba and Saskatchewan welcomed skilled workers through their respective PNPs July Express Entry reduced the number of invites to about 750-800 each draw by increasing the qualifying marks. The PNPs were also in flow as both Saskatchewan and Manitoba launched the draws. Moreover, the federal government introduced the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, under which up to 2,000 newcomers will come to Canada in 2017. August Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) application intake, more like the June application intake, was reached within hours of opening. There were two BC PNP draws the month. Apart from this, there was a draw of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) SINP- ISW- Occupation in Demand category reopened to accept 700 new applications. September The number of invitations of Express Entry finally started increasing w.e.f. September, 2016. Moreover, both British Columbia and Manitoba launched draws through their Provincial Nominee Programs. October The Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) revealed its 2017 Immigration Levels Plan. There was significant increase seen in economic immigration as well as immigration through Provincial Nominee Programs. The government also shows intent to rise maximum age of dependent children to less than 22 years of age from 19 what it is now. This again was seen as part of Governments commitment to ease family reunification. November In the month of November, Canada felt the heat of US Presidential Elections, when IRCC website crashed due to excessive enquiries from the USA. Moreover, some key changes announced in the Express Entry system of Canada w.e.f. November 19, 2016, such as, allocating CRS points to former overseas students in Canada, reduction in the number of CRS points for the qualifying job offer, new method to allocate points for a job offer, and increasing number of days to 90 from 60 for submit application after receiving ITA,. December The month of December too has been quite happening so far as family reunification processing time has been reduced to 12 months, from 24 months, with an objective to cut the processing times to as low as 6 months in the end. The Open Work Permit Pilot Program was extended for one year for the sponsored spouses in Canada. Moreover, for the 2017 PGP application intake, a new lottery system introduced, which will provide 30-day period to applicants to register their interest, starting January 3, 2017. The number of invites once again increased to 1936 after seeing the dip (559) in the draw launched on November 30, 2016, which was intended for the PNP class applicants only. Expectation from New Year 2017 With the increase in the target for economic immigration and family reunification, etc. the year 2017 is also expected to be significant for the Canada immigration applicants. Moreover, some more changes are expected in the Canadian immigration system, programs, and procedures, which will again have a positive impact on immigration to Canada.

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