A Quick Summary for Skilled Regional (Provincial) Visa (Subclass 489) Australia!

A Quick Summary for Skilled Regional (Provincial) Visa (Subclass 489) Australia!
[schema type="review" url="" name="Australia temporary visa for skilled people" description="Visa subclass 489 is temporary visa for applicants who have skill and ability to demand of specific state and territories of Australia" rev_name="Australia Visa Subclass 489" author="Visas Avenue" pubdate="2014-11-26" user_review="3" min_review="5" max_review="5" ] This visa allows the skilled workers to live and work in definite regional areas over Australia for up to the period of four years. If you are considering for immigration to Australia get your skills assessed by the relevant assessing authority as suitable for your nominated occupation, have competent English, meet the health and character requirements without wasting any time. The age must be under 5o years of age and one should achieve specified score according to the letter of invitation based on the factors in the point test. First have to submit an expression of interest and then be invited by skill select. And if you receive an invitation you will have 60 days to apply online for the visa. And during this time period one cannot change the information provided in the Expression of interest. This visa let you hang on in Australia for up to four years, so be alive and have life over there, adore the work and one can also study in a regional area of Australia, travel in and out of Australia while the visa is valid. These are few adequate reasons to influence yourself and motivate your dreams to be in the land of the living. And have a good chance of settling in Australia as permanent residents. As this visa provides a pathway to the permanent residence through the skilled regional (residence) visa subclass (887)

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The State government agencies can view your EOI in Skill Select and decide whether to nominate you for the visa. Each state has a separate list of occupations that guides the types of skills they are looking for. One can live in the nominating state for at least two years. The application is usually processed within 20 working days. And when the government sends you the letter of invitation one should also have been nominated by an Australian State or Territory government agency or sponsored by an eligible relative living in a selected area. The nominated occupation should be on the applicable occupation list and the skills assessment for that occupation must be satisfactory. We suggest you to nominate an occupation that matches your skills and qualifications and is on the relevant skilled occupation list, so that there are no chances of refusal. At Visas Avenue we will be assisting and guiding you in the complete pathway of visa process. We make the entire documentation procedure easy and less time consuming. As we care for the value of your time and money!

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