5 Key Things to Check before Moving to Australia

5 Key Things to Check before Moving to Australia
Australia is a fantastic country to live and work. Whether it is about having high employment rate, good human development index, high standard of living, several livable cities, and outstanding infrastructure, Australia is right on the top of the list. It ranks high on various international parameters of livable countries in the world.

There are millions of skilled workers across the world, which aspire to work and settle in Australia on a permanent basis.

Key things you must keep in check before moving to Australia

If you are one among the thousands of Australia immigration aspirants, here are the key things you must keep in check before moving to Australia:

  1. English Language Proficiency

Australia has a point-based system of immigration. Australia needs at least Competent English (i.e. IELTS 6 score) from the immigrants, however, to get point for language, you need to have proficient English (IELTS 7). Moreover, its not just about points; you need good English to communicate with office colleagues, social circle, friends, everywhere. So, make sure you get proficient in the English language before moving to Australia.

  1. Key Documents

Keep all your documents in check before you make your move to Australia. The key documents include Skill Assessment Report, IELTS Test results, passport and other documents (i.e. documents and certificates with regards to education, marriage, birth, work experience, etc.).

  1. Employable Skills and Experience

Check your skills and experience. You must have skills and experience, which are highly in demand in Australia. It will enhance your chances of getting a quick and appropriate job in Australia. You may refer to the latest Skilled Occupation List 2016-17 to check if your occupation is in high demand occupation list.

Check the latest Skilled Occupation List here

  1. Contacts in Australia

If you have contacts in Australia, i.e. friends, family members, relatives, etc. it always goes to your advantage. Having contacts in Australia reduces your stress to a great extent. You get a key help in finding the job, accommodation, etc. in Australia as a newcomer. Moreover, in the company of friends and relatives, you dont feel isolated in a new country.

  1. Adaptability

Your living expenses with regards to groceries, accommodation, transport, utility bills, etc. are likely to be higher, especially, if you are from any of the Asian countries. Hence, you need to prepare yourself for adaptability. Get employed as soon as possible, even if you dont find job as per your skills and experience, keep your luxuries in control in terms of eating frequently in restaurants (as it can be expensive), be adaptable when it comes to choosing accommodation, clothes, etc.

How to get vital support to move to Australia?

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