5 Reasons why Canada is the best country for new immigrants

5 Reasons why Canada is the best country for new immigrants

We all are aware about the huge migration influx in Canada ever year and liking of the worldwide immigrants for Canada. The IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada) receives a huge number of applications annually for temporary and permanent visas. The number of people immigrate to Canada in a year is staggering. So, the question here is why Canada is the best country for new immigrants. Lets try to understand the factors, which make Canada the most favorite country of immigrants.

  • Canada is Ranked 2nd Best Country in the World

While we are asking the questions as to why Canada is favorite place of immigrants, the Canada has been ranked 2nd best country in the world as per the survey done by U.S. News and World Report, global brand consultants BAV Consulting and University of Pennsylvanias Wharton School of business.

The survey report is revealed at the World Economic Forum in Davos. It ranked 60 countries on 75 different aspects. While the Germany grabbed first position and Canada being 2nd the other following countries were, UK, USA and Sweden, respectively on 3rd, 4th and 5th positions.

The Survey ranked Canada top on various aspects, such as, diversity, high living standards, entrepreneurship, citizenship, open for business, etc. Its not the first time Canada has got the top ranking, in fact, it usually remain among the top 5 or top 10 countries on various surveys based on the international parameters of livable or best countries. Canadas status and rank as top advanced country along with other key factors as mentioned below, makes it the obvious choice of immigrants.

  • Strong Economy, low unemployment rate, Vivid career & job opportunities

The qualities of features of Canada, such as high career growth options, higher job opportunities, strong economy, low unemployment rate, etc. attract many talented and skilled individuals to come and search the job or business opportunities in this part of the world. People, from Asia, Europe, Africa and other parts of the planet apply for and get immigrated to Canada in search of better quality of life with bright career prospects. The skills shortage, ageing population, and low birth rate are the other factors, which make space for the new immigrants and offer them plenty of opportunities to find jobs and begin a new career and life in Canada.

  • Lenient Immigration Policies

Canada has also got the lenient immigration policies and visa rules compared to many other countries, i.e. USA, UK, Denmark, etc. Hence, it makes relatively easy for the immigration aspirants to apply for the visa and immigration to Canada and get the permanent residency. The USA, - a neighboring country of Canada, for that matter has got very strict green card visa rules, which makes very difficult for the applicants to get PR in USA. The new liberal government in Canada has recently announced to make the immigration rules more flexible to make the family reunification and skilled immigration in Canada relatively trouble free and smooth.

  • Cultural Diversity of Canada

The Canadas cultural diversity is a great example to the world. The people from different cultures, religions, communities, and race live here with peace and tranquility. If you look at the present cabinet of Canada, you will find about 3-4 ministers from Punjabi-Sikh communities along with the MPs of various cultural and ethnical identities. So, we can say that Canada is a bouquet with beautiful flowers of different species, type, and fragrance. This uniqueness of Canada attracts the new immigrants to come here and join this wonderful country that provides ample number of opportunities to the people of all kind, class, ethnicity, and culture without any discrimination.

  • Social Security Benefits

This is another aspect or feature of Canada as a country that ranks it above many other counties. The federal and provincial government in Canada offers many free or subsidized social security benefits to the residents in terms of education, healthcare coverage, language coaching, accommodation, etc. This makes Canada one of the most ideal countries in the world with high living standard and quality of life.

Apart from this, government has also launched the immigrant serving organizations in every province or territory, to help the new immigrants settle in Canada. These organizations receive fund from the government to help new immigrants search accommodation, job opportunities, know about government policies and services suitable for them, etc. so that they can integrate well with Canadian society.

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